A Willingness to Dream in a Time of Pause

Proctor's Virtual Revisit Experience: March 31 and April 7

Academic Lens: Stepping into the Unknown, Together

Finding Ourselves in a New Normal

Admissions Decisions 2020: Let the Journey Begin

Proctor en Monteverde: Final Reflections

Mike's Notes: Power of Routine in a Tilted World

Academic Lens: We Can Do Hard Things

Proctor Athletics: Spring Break Training Trips

Proctor en Segovia: Málaga es un Carnaval

European Art Classroom: W'20 Farewell

Mountain Classroom: Full Circle and ISGE

Mike's Notes: COVID-19 and Institutional Agility

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2020 Award Recipients

The Alchemy of Community: One Plus One Equals Three

European Art Classroom: Craft and Art

Proctor en Segovia: A Day as a Madridista

Mike's Notes: Pace and Flow - Coaching the Game Within the Game

Proctor Drama Presents: Noises Off

Academic Lens: A Week in the Life of a Proctor Student

Mountain Classroom: Solos and Yosemite

European Art Classroom: Munich, no wait! Belgium Instead!

Proctor en Segovia: Sevilla In Our Hearts

Mike's Notes: Ah...Hubris

Mountain Classroom: Questions for the Stars, Catalina, and Cooking

Team Spotlight: Varsity Alpine Skiing

European Art Classroom: Painting & Picnics

Stewarding Proctor in Our Own Ways

Proctor en Monteverde: Rain Forest Adventures

Mike's Notes: The Process

European Art Classroom: Parents Welcome

Mountain Classroom: The Harsh Beauty of the West

Bonus Weekend: The Power of Slow

Proctor en Segovia: Barcelona and Catalonia Winter 2020

The Days Are Long, but the Years Short

European Art Classroom: Paris 2020

Academic Lens: Expanding Your Wellness Toolbox into the Arts

Proctor en Monteverde: Transitions and Reflections

Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Basketball

Mountain Classroom: The Grand Canyon and Arizona Climbing

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Believing in an Arch Toward Justice

European Art Classroom: Gathering at the Table

Proctor en Segovia: A Day In The Life

Mike's Notes: A Commitment to the Outdoors

Academic Lens: Hays Speaking Prize 2020

Hays Speaking Prize Winners: Where Are They Now?

Team Spotlight: Girls' Varsity Hockey 2020

European Art Classroom: The Journey up the Tête

Mike's Notes: Tending the Orchard

Mountain Classroom: Okefenokee Reflections

Team Spotlight: Proctor Nordic 2020

Planning, Resolutions, and Untapped Potential

The Gift of Proctor: Believing In Our Why

2019 Year in Review: Our Most Read Stories by Month

Happy Holidays: New Light, New Life and a Season of Restoration

Mike's Notes: The Tree

Winter Break 2019-2020 Athletics and Training

Mountain Classroom: From New Hampshire to the Okefenokee

Proctor Arts: Spencer Topel's Time Lines Sound Art Installation

Proctor Community: The Power of Grace and a Tribute to Mr. Rogers

Proctor Alumni: Buy Proctor This Holiday Season

Mike's Notes: To Christmas or Not to Christmas

The Off-Campus Experience

Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Hockey 2019-2020

Value a Journey That Is Truly Your Own

Mike's Notes: The Breakfast Lesson

New Beginnings and the Power of Momentum

Pursuing Our Best Selves: Questioning and the Heart of Learning

Ocean Classroom 2019: Final Voyage Logs

A Note of Thanksgiving: Appreciating Community

Proctor's Academic Concentrations Program: Synthesis of Learning

Academic Lens: Innovation Night 2019

Ocean Classroom 2019: Land Ho!

Proctor Alumni: Charles (CC) Callaway '85

Depth of Identity: Celebrating the Arts at Proctor

Proctor en Segovia: The Province Left Untouched

Mike's Notes: Education - A Product or Process?

Ocean Classroom 2019: Transit Part 1

Fall 2019: Athletic Awards

Bowl Bound: Proctor Football 2019 NEPSAC Title Game

Daring Greatly: Holderness Weekend 2019:

Academic Lens: Patiently Finding Voice

The Impact of a Rivalry: Holderness Day 2019

Ocean Classroom 2019: Preparing for Transit

Advisory Dinner: Intentional Moments

Mike's Notes: Cancel Culture and Community

Academic Lens: Chasing Our Why

Team Spotlight: Varsity Football 2019

Proctor en Segovia: Not Your Average Excursion to Catalonia

Ocean Classroom 2019: The Gulf Stream to Savannah

Special Olympics Fun Day 2019: Cast Inhibition Aside and Love

Mike's Notes: Sports and The Planting of Hope

Proctor Alumni: Scott Messersmith '92

Team Spotlight: Girls' Varsity Soccer

Introducing: The Stories of Proctor Podcast

Ocean Classroom 2019: From Annapolis to Norfolk

Team Spotlight: Crew 2019

The 9th Grade Hike: Foundational Connection

Proctor en Segovia: This Is Our Town, Featuring Los Padres

Fall Family Weekend 2019: Details and Info

Academic Lens: Confronting and Stewarding Privilege

Ocean Classroom 2019: The Chesapeake and Mid-Atlantic

Mike's Notes: Food and the Pursuit of a Healthier Mindscape

Team Spotlight: Cross Country Running 2019

Planners and Dreamers: Crafting the Proctor Experience

The Arts at Proctor: Current Exhibits and Exciting News!

Ocean Classroom: Through the Big Apple and Beyond

Proctor en Segovia: Journey To the End of the Earth

Mike's Notes: Who Keeps It Going?

Layers of Leadership: Engagement and Empowerment

Team Spotlight: Varsity Field Hockey 2019

Academic Lens: Aporia As a Way of Life

Ocean Classroom 2019: The First Week at Sea

Mike's Notes: What's the Score? The Real Score.

The Partnership of Education: Students and Teachers Together

Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Soccer 2019

Proctor en Segovia: First Impressions

Ocean Classroom 2019: Fair Winds and Following Seas

Mike's Notes: Seeing the World, Seeking Change

Mountain Biking: 2019 Team Spotlight

Symptoms of Disconnect and Proctor's Remedy

Mike's Notes: I Got This, I Got This

Introducing Your 2019-2020 School Leaders: Vienna '20 and Hitch '20

Academic Lens: Metacognition and The Adolescent Brain

Writing the Next Chapter: Orientation Returns and Classes Begin

Mike's Notes: Paring It Down

Sports Camp 2019: Building the Foundation

Lessons from the Trail: Wilderness Orientation 2019

The Contradictions of Parenthood: Trusting Love

Equity and Inclusion: Leadership and Vision for 2019-2020

Welcome to 2019-2020 New Faculty and Staff

The Continuity of Culture: Wilderness Orientation

The Role of a Proctor Advisor: An Open Letter

The Search For Something When It Seems You Have Everything

Reflections from Rosebud

The Turn Into August and New Perspectives

Prioritizing Relationships: Sobremesa

Living With a Roommate: Student Voices

Generalization vs Specialization: Understanding The Boarding School Model

Advice from Day Students at a Boarding School

Preserving Our Independence of Thought

Campus Improvement Squad and Lessons in Hard Work

The Responsibility of Independence

In Search of Something More

The Why: Watching Our Students Grow

The Proctor Fund: Making The Magic Possible

The Independent School Challenge: Balancing Disruption and Vision

Understanding Well-Being: The Natural Connection

Pursuing the Arts: Class of 2019

2019 Proctor Alumni Awards and Athletics Hall of Fame

Proctor Alumni Reunion 2019: Feeding Your Roots

Class of 2019: Playing at the Next Level

Proctor en Segovia: Lessons Learned Abroad

Celebrating the Class of 2019

Taking the Final Steps: Senior Projects and Senior Day

Academic Lens: The Best of Us

Proctor Athletics: Spring 2019 Athletic Awards

European Art Classroom: Portugal and Farewell

Remembering Spencer Wright P'72, '75 | Proctor Coach & Faculty 1951-1971

Mike's Notes: The Soul Corner of the Norris Family Theater

Proctor Arts: Presents Once on this Island

Academic Lens: Rethinking Language Acquisition and Proficiency

Mountain Classroom: A Day in the Life

Senior Projects 2019: Updates from Around the Globe

Mike's Notes: Keeping Sportsmanship Alive

Remove the Disconnect: Earth Day 2019

Proctor in Costa Rica: Soaking in the Cloud Forest

Proctor en Segovia: Memories Like These Ones

European Art Classroom: A Visitor and Belgium

Nurturing the Soul of Proctor: Beyond Superficial Honesty

Mike's Notes: Bits and Pieces

Taking Time to Say Thank You

Mountain Classroom: Solos in Springtime

Academic Lens: Who We Could Become

Proctor Athletics: Whitewater Kayaking Spotlight

Proctor en Segovia: Spain Is Different

Mike's Notes: Baseball, Extra Help, and Hustle

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Baseball Team Spotlight 2019

European Art Classroom: Parents, The Sea, Art and Easter

Proctor Athletics: Proctor USSA/FIS Season in Review

Mountain Classroom: Great Sand Dunes and Moab

Mike's Notes: Finding the Sweet Spot

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Softball 2019 Team Spotlight

Spring Family Weekend 2019: Ultimate Guide

Proctor Alumni: Meredith (Donaldson) Amenkhienan '02

European Art Classroom: Vienna in Spring

Mountain Classroom: Capitol Reef Exploration

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Lacrosse Spotlight 2019

35,000 Opportunities Each Day to Make a Difference

European Art Classroom: Getting Comfortable

Mountain Classroom: Escalante and Capitol Reef 2019

Proctor Athletics Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Lacrosse

Mike's Notes: The Appeals Process and Ownership

The Power of Real: Seeking Imperfection

European Art Classroom: Welcomes the Spring of 2019

Proctor en Segovia: We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Mike's Notes: Honoring Garry as We Shut Down Winter

Proctor Admissions: A Message for Our Parents

Mountain Classroom: Cling to Your Inner Child

Academic Lens: New Term. Same Mission.

Project Period 2019: The Value of Immersion

Preparing for Revisit Days: Dare to Be Different

Women's History Profile: Jennifer Fletcher P'18, '21, '21

Proctor en Segovia: Hasta luego, not adiós

Admissions Decisions 2019: You Are Ready!

Proctor Athletics: Spring Break Training 2019

Women's History Profile: Terry Stoecker

Teamwork: Valuing the Intangibles

European Art Classroom: Italy and Farewell to Winter 2019

Planning for Wellness: Sophomore Reflections

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2019 Award Recipients

Mike's Notes: The Removal of the Wilson Building and a Future Gateway to Our Land

Mountain Classroom: Joshua Tree and the ISGE

Proctor Athletics: 2019 NEPSAC Tournament Preview

European Art Classroom: Art Snippets

Proctor en Segovia: Under the Sevilla Sun

Winter Play 2019: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Hailey's '19 Wisdom: Dandelions

European Art Classroom: Tour de España

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Varsity Basketball Spotlight

Proctor en Segovia: Tarde de Fútbol and Visitors from Across the Pyrenees

Mike's Notes: Grace in Victory, and then Defeat

Proctor in Costa Rica: Host Family Love

European Art Classroom: In the Zone.

Proctor Academy Announces $3M Gift to Build Outdoor Center

Mountain Classroom: Solos and Superstition Backpacking

A Weekend of Celebrations: Stewarding a Culture, a Place, and a Community

Mike's Notes: Soul Grit

Academic Lens: Scaffolding the Proctor Experience

Proctor Athletics: Girls Varsity Hockey Spotlight

European Art Classroom: Parent's Weekend 2019

Balancing the Community with the Individual

Mountain Classroom: Adjuncts and The Cochise Stronghold

Proctor en Segovia: A Sea of Yellow

Mike's Notes: The Polarization of Awareness

Proctor Alumni: Holy (Cross) Connection, Batman!

Conservation Ecology: Our Woodlands as Our Classroom

The Adventure Begins: Proctor en Segovia Winter '19

European Art Classroom: Paris

Recommitting to the "WHY" of Education

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

European Art Classroom: In the Groove of Winter

Mountain Classroom: Annunciation House 2019

Mike's Notes: Affinity Spaces

Academic Lens: The Hays Speaking Contest 2019

Proctor in Costa Rica: Winter Mid-Term Update

Proctor Community: The Art of Listening

European Art Classroom: Winter 2019 Bienvenue!

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Basketball Spotlight

Mountain Classroom: Big Bend 2019

Mike's Notes: Off-Campus Reunions

Under Construction: The Adolescent Brain

Cycles of Life: The Proctor Pond

Mike's Notes: The Question of Football?

Life Groups and the Heart of a Teacher

The Pursuit of Happiness: Intentional Focus

Some of Our Favorite Moments of 2018

The Gift of Proctor: Sustaining Relationships

Proctor Athletics: Boys' Hockey Team Spotlight 2019

Proctor Athletics: Winter Break Tournaments and Training

Mountain Classroom: The Okefenokee

Proctor Community: Unlocking the Magic of the Season

Mike's Notes: The Sleigh Bell

Proctor Athletics: Nordic Ski Spotlight

Proctor's Mission: Life Prep

Academic Lens: Understanding Where Paths Converge

Mike's Notes: Navigating Transition and the Flipping of Seasons

Moral Obligation and the Power of Community

Welcome to Winter: Fresh Starts

Making History: Anna Zerilli '19 Signs National Letter of Intent

Ocean Classroom: Final Reflections from OC 2018

Proctor Community: We Are Thankful!

Mike's Notes: Woodlands Trails, a Late Fall Run, and Gratitude for Community

Proctor Arts: Not So Hidden Talents

Proctor en Segovia: From Sierra to Sea

Holderness Weekend 2018: Winning Isn't Everything

Proctor Athletics: Fall 2018 Award Winners

Mike's Notes: The Lightness of Being

Academic Lens: Innovation Night 2018

Holderness Weekend 2018: Celebrating Togetherness

Proctor en Segovia: Fútbol and Familia

Mike's Notes: It's Not an Easy Fix

Ocean Classroom 2018: Setting Sail from the Florida/Georgia Line

Academic Lens: Cognitive Intervention and the Learning Skills Advantage

Beyond Thoughts and Prayers

The Advisory Dinner

Mike's Notes: Lessons from the World Series

Ocean Classroom 2018: South to Charleston

Academic Lens: Wrestling With Privilege

Proctor en Segovia: Captivated By Catalonia

Mike's Notes: Foundations

Ocean Classroom 2018: The Big Apple and Beyond

Optimizing Performance: Collaboration, Resources, and Relationships

The Growth Narrative: Official Notes, Effort Grades, Numeric Grades, and Conversations

Living in the Moment: Fall Family Weekend 2018 in Review

Ocean Classroom 2018: From Gloucester to New Bedford

Class of 2022: Niner Hike and Culture Building

Fall Family Weekend 2018: All You Need to Know

Seeking Perspective: SEED Training and Diversity at Proctor

Sharing Joy: Special Olympics Fun Day 2018

Mike's Notes: Simple Advice for Complex Years

Proctor en Segovia: Why We Walk

Ocean Classroom: Rockland, Stellwagen Bank, and South to Gloucester

Summer Reading 2018: Sparking Conversations

Proctor Community: You Build What You Love

Mike's Notes: The Forge - Good for the Soul

Academic Lens: The Anatomy of Adolescence

Ocean Classroom 2018: Northward to Castine

A New Partnership: Introducing Proctor's Gap FIS Program

Proctor Alumni: Rebecca (Barban) Leavitt '02

Ocean Classroom 2018: Celebrating 25 Years at Sea

Mike's Notes: Dialing it Back. Stepping Up.

Proctor Community: Taking the Time to Say Thank You

Proctor Alumni: Roth Martin '91 | Roots of Sustainability

Proctor en Segovia: Ready, Set, Spain!

Mike's Notes: The Upside of the Necessary Next

Academic Lens: Becoming Better Versions of Ourselves

Introducing 2018-2019 School Leaders: Lucas '19 and Zina '19

Wilderness Orientation 2018: They're Back!

Proctor Athletics: Sports Camp 2018

Mike's Notes: Plugging into the Network

Academic Lens: Don't Take a Picture, You Might Lose Your Soul

New Beginnings and Unclipped Wings

Mike's Notes: The Essay of Proctor

Turning the Page: Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year

Proctor Welcomes New Faculty for 2018-2019 School Year

Proctor Community: How Social Contracts Apply to School Communities

Day Student Leaders 2018: Being a Day Student at a Boarding School

Proctor Academy: A Work in Progress

Proctor Community: Advice on Living With a Roommmate

Proctor in China: Summer Study Abroad 2018

Faculty Profile: Kyle Tremblay

A Day Aboard Roseway

Faculty/Staff Profile: Lisa Ensign Wood P'15, '18, '20

Proctor in China: Mid-Trip Reflections 2018

A Balancing Act: Grief and Joy

Reflections on Rosebud: Summer Service 2018

Navigating Grief: Ship, Shipmate, Self

Remembering David Pilla

Faculty/Staff Profile: Jim Cox P'13, '16

Seeking Independence: Gardener or Carpenter?

2018 China Trip Preview

The Proctor Fund and Gratitude in June

Guatemala Summer Service Reflections: Being Open to the Unexpected

Summer Months: Gordon Research Conferences Join Us on Campus

Proctor Parents: We Need to Raise Adults

Class of 2018: Athletics at the Next Level

Summer Service 2018: San Martin Community Project

A Summer Tour: Proctor's Physical Evolution

Proctor Alumni: Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Alumni Reunion 2018: Timeless Bonds

Mountain Classroom: Final Phase Reflections 2018

Celebrating the Class of 2018

Senior Projects 2018

The PAPA Legacy: Remembering Sarah Cave P'00, '03

Academic Lens: Innovation is Not a Destination

European Art Classroom: Holland and Farewell

Proctor Community: Finishing Together!

Proctor en Segovia: Colors of Granada

Proctor Athletics: Spring 2018 Award Winners

Mike's Notes: An Endless Blossom of Moments

Proctor Arts Presents: In the Heights

Mountain Classroom: Solos and a Visit to Rosebud, SD

Academic Lens: 2018 Underclass Awards - Recognizing Effort and Excellence

Mike's Notes: The Soul Corner of Slocumb

Mountain Classroom: 20 Lesser Known Facts About Mountain Classroom

European Art Classroom: Vienna, Austria

Culture of Support: Understanding How Leaders Grow

Mountain Classroom: Majesty of the San Juan and Cabot Ranch

Mike's Notes: Sweet Magnolia

Proctor Community: Antidote to Loneliness

European Art Classroom: Personal Breakthroughs Preparing for Vienna

Proctor Arts: Visiting Art Exhibits Spring 2018

Proctor en Segovia: The Tres Amigos Take On Spanish, Catalan and French

Mike's Notes: Maybe You Need a Nap

Spring Family Weekend 2018: Schedule and Details

European Art Classroom: Parent's Weekend 2018

Academic Lens: Nurturing Mental Fortitude

Mike's Notes: What You Can’t See, Can Hurt Them

Earth Day 2018: Sowing Seeds of Action

Proctor in Costa Rica: Spring 2018 Update

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Lacrosse Team Spotlight 2018

European Art Classroom: Seville, Spain

Mountain Classroom: Canyoneering & Mulching in Moab

European Art Classroom: Poetry in Motion

Proctor Athletics: Boys' Lacrosse Team Spotlight

A Teacher's Perspective: A Piece of the Tapestry 

Mountain Classroom: A Grand Experience

Mike's Notes: Right Sizing Technology Part 3 

Why Proctor Academy? 

Bill Paine '51 Nordic Center to Receive Lighting

Proctor en Segovia: Semana Santa, Good Eats and Simple Conversations

Proctor Alumni: Remembering Bob Beattie '51

European Art Classroom: Welcome to Spring 2018

Proctor Community: Value of a Second Look

Mike's Notes: Finding the Good

Preparing for Revisit Days: Be Yourself

Mountain Classroom: Spring 2018 - Let the Adventure Begin

Project Period 2018: Reliving the Adventures of a Lifetime

Mike's Notes: 3% Lessons and a Letter to Spring

The Difference Maker: Relationships and Project Period 2018

Waiting on Spring: March's Lesson

Proctor en Segovia: Making Sense of Time

Admissions Decisions 2018: Finding the Right Fit

Proctor USSA/FIS Program Update | Spring 2018

European Art Classroom: Winter 2018 Prague and Farewell

Campaign for Proctor: Field House Construction Update 

Spring Break Athletics 2018

Mountain Classroom: Final Expedition and a 10K

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Basketball NEPSAC Tournament Preview

Academic Lens: Finding A Voice

Proctor en Segovia: Un Color Especial

Proctor Arts: Appreciating the Creative Process

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2018 Award Winners

Mike's Notes: School Safety and Gun Violence

Proctor Arts: Exhibit Space and Visiting Artists

European Art Classroom: Florence, Italy

Proctor Alumni: Coleman Horn '86

Proctor in Costa Rica: An Alumni Perspective

Mike's Notes: Institutional Guidance

Mountain Classroom: Border Links and Baja Kayaking

Academic Lens: Unreasonable Love

European Art Classroom: A Visit from Uncle Corby

Proctor en Segovia: Have You Ever Fallen in Love? 

Mike's Notes: Proctor's Little Big Mountain

Proctor Arts: Preview of the Winter Play 2018

Proctor in Costa Rica: Mid-term Update Winter 2018

European Art Classroom: Parent Weekend Winter 2018

Proctor Community: Culture is Fluid

Mike's Notes: The Path to Self-Authorship

The Art of Proctor

European Art Classroom: Paris

Proctor en Segovia: Goleada de Real Madrid

Proctor Athletics: Anna Zerilli '19 Kicking With the Best

Mountain Classroom: The Power of Being Present

Bonus Weekend: Unplug and Get Recharged

Proctor Athletics: Chris Jones '04 & Ski Jumping Team Spotlight

Academic Lens: Leading by Example

European Art Classroom: Preparing for Paris

Proctor en Segovia: ¡Hola España!

Mike's Notes: Technology Fracking and Community Bedrock

Punctuated Equilibrium and January

Mountain Classroom: El Paso, Climbing, and The Plague

European Art Classroom: Winter 2018 Welcome!

MLK, Jr. Day 2018: Connection and Reflection

Mike's Notes: Stepping Up To The Hays

Academic Lens: Creating Space for Connection

Proctor Alumni: George Kaknes '71

Remembering Former Faculty Member Dick Bellefeuille

Mike's Notes: Digging In to Dig Out

Unsung Heroes in the Heart of Winter

New Year's Resolution: Believe in Yourself

2017's Most Powerful Moments

Mountain Classroom: Equality and Action in Louisiana

Proctor Athletics: Winter Break Tournaments and Races

Mike's Notes: Common Ground

Proctor: Solving The Problem You Didn't Know You Had

Proctor Alumni: Kelcey Loomer '96 Seed and Sky Jewelry

Mountain Classroom: Meandering the Mississippi

Mike's Notes: Coaching for Life

The Power of Momentum: Campaign for Proctor Update

Perspectives on Struggle

Mountain Classroom: Let the Journey Begin

Mike's Notes: The Ornament, The Tree, The Heart's Joy

Proctor Community: Stepping Forward with Confidence

Losing Loved Ones: Remembering Lindsey Degon

Proctor en Segovia: Breaking Bread

Happy Thanksgiving: Reflection, Rejuvenation, and Planning

Ocean Classroom 2017: The Final Days

Mike's Notes: Finding Footing, Moving Forward, & Giving Thanks

Bowl Bound: Proctor Football Heads to New England Championship

Proctor Community: Our Family

Proctor Arts: Welcomes MeadEaglePhotos Exhibit

Proctor en Segovia: A Walk Into a Postcard

Proctor Athletics: Fall Award Winners

Mike's Notes: Innovative Tradition

Proctor Alumni: Lessons from Active Duty Armed Forces

TOGETHER: Holderness Week

Academic Lens: Science is Never Spontaneous

Ocean Classroom: Why We Send Kids to Sea

Mike's Notes: Thank You...Notes

Proctor en Segovia: A Taste of Homestay

Proctor Athletics: 2017 Mountain Biking Team Spotlight

Powerless for a Moment

Mike's Notes: Lessons in the Long Haul

Ocean Classroom: Savannah, Charleston, and Beyond

Seeing Through the Clouded Lens of Authenticity

Ocean Classroom: Arrival in Savannah

Proctor en Segovia: Little Big City

Fall Family Weekend 2017: Complete Guide

Proctor Athletics: Cross Country Running Spotlight

Mike's Notes: The Case for Stewardship

Ocean Classroom: Reflections from Virginia

Shaping and Sustaining Culture: Ninth Grade Hike

Special Olympics Fun Day 2017

Ocean Classroom: New Bedford to Norfolk

Mike's Notes: Facts, Fiction, Fake...The Case for Honesty

Proctor Athletics: The JV2 Experience

Academic Lens: Interdisciplinary Experimentation

Proctor en Segovia: Buen Camino

Ocean Classroom: First Week at Sea

Mike's Notes: Little Things Matter

Academic Lens: Feedback Loops and the Growth Narrative

Proctor Athletics: 2017 Football Team Spotlight

Proctor Community: Weekend Love

Mike's Notes: Ocean Ready, Life Hungry

Academic Lens: The Foundation for Learning

Proctor en Segovia: At Home In a Foreign Land

Mike's Notes: The Sorting Hat of Sports

Campaign for Proctor: Farrell Field House and Maxwell Savage Update

Academic Lens: Fresh Start

Mike's Notes: Right-Sizing Relationships

Proctor Athletics: Sports Camp 2017

Registration Day 2017: Taking Flight

Mike's Notes: Common Ground

Stewards of Community: Honoring Edna Peters & JoAnn Hicks

Welcoming New Faculty for 2017-2018

Behind the Scenes: Campus Summer Projects

Summer Service 2017: Connecting in South Dakota

Unlocking Your Superpowers

Proctor Community: Advice for Day Students at Boarding School

An Open Letter from a Proctor Advisor

Joining the Proctor Community: Putting Apathy Aside

The Intersection of Wonder and Rigor

Independence Day 2017: Understanding Freedom

The Proctor Fund: Every. Gift. Matters.

Proctor Athletics: Walsh '17 81st Pick in NHL Draft

Building the Foundation for Off-Campus Experiences

Farewell to Retiring Faculty/Staff: Susan, Brenda, Laurie, and Phil

Wilderness Orientation: The Lessons You'll Learn

The Power of Service: Summer 2017

Student Voices: What the Dining Hall Table Taught Me About Home

Proctor Alumni: Reunion 2017

Remembering Patrice Martin

Mountain Classroom: Words Are Inadequate

Proctor's 169th Commencement: Celebrating the Class of 2017

Senior Project Exhibition & Express Fest 2017

Proctor en Segovia: Andalucía Is Different

European Art Classroom: Vienna and Farewell

Proctor Athletics: Class of 2017 College Bound

Celebrating Spring 2017: Musical, 5K Race, Alumni Games, and Spring Fling

Mountain Classroom: Farms, Road Races, and "Formal"

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Baseball Caps Perfect Season with Championship

Proctor Athletics: Spring 2017 Award Winners

Mike's Notes: The Hourglass

Proctor Arts: Spring Musical 2017 Beauty and the Beast

Proctor Academy Earns U.S. Ski and Snowboard Bronze Level Podium Certification

Academic Lens: Innovation Night Spring 2017

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Tennis and Golf Team Spotlight

Mountain Classroom: Solo Wisdom

Mike's Notes: Seven Generations Thinkers

Shifting Expectations for Independent School Parents

European Art Classroom: Portugal

Off the Field Onto the Stage

Mountain Classroom: Listening to the West

Mike's Notes: Music to My Ears

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Softball Team Spotlight

Sounds of Spring: Woods Team

Spring Formal 2017

Mountain Classroom: Fun Officers and Metal Shop

Student Voices: First Things First

Mike's Notes: Earth Day Musings & Apple Trees

Earth Day 2017: It's All About Relationships

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Baseball Team Spotlight

Proctor en Segovia: Castilian Drums and Mediterranean Spires

Mountain Classroom: Skiing the Mosquito Range

Proctor Alumni: Tori Smith '13 - Preparation for the Job Search

European Art Classroom: Parent's Weekend 2017

Proctor Athletics: Boys' Lacrosse Team Spotlight

Spring Family Weekend 2017: Your Complete Guide

European Art Classroom: Paris, the City of Lights

Mountain Classroom: Canoeing and Survival

Proctor in Costa Rica: Reflections from the Cloud Forest School

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Lacrosse 2017 Team Spotlight

Mike's Notes: Courageous Conversations

Proctor en Segovia: South to Granada and the Alborán Sea

Fight Worth Fighting: Fear of Failure

European Art Classroom in the Groove

Proctor en Segovia: Dropped In A Foreign Land

Mike's Notes: The Game, The Season, The Lessons

Academic Lens: Confidence In Our Differences

European Art Classroom: New Beginnings

Mountain Classroom: New Beginnings

The Proctor Coffee House: Student-Run Business at Its Finest

Mike's Notes: March Madness

Proctor Admissions: Getting Real on Revisit Day

Proctor Alumni: Engaging with Project Period

Project Period 2017: Passions Pursued

Academic Lens: Acknowledging Creative Tension

Proctor Community: Feeding Our Roots

Proctor Alumni: Prepared To Be A College Student-Athlete

The Proctor Magic: Are You Ready?

Proctor en Segovia: A Walk Through Time

Proctor Athletics: USSA/FIS Ski Program Update

European Art Classroom: Italy and Farewell

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Basketball Back-to-Back Champs!

Mountain Classroom: Final Reflections on Winter 2017

Mike's Notes: Set Changes

Proctor en Segovia: Andalucían Amplification

Proctor Arts: Winter 2017 Arts Review

European Art Classroom: Final Project Week

Mountain Classroom: Taiko Drumming and Death

Proctor Athletics: 2017 NEPSAC Tournament Preview

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2016-2017 Awards

Mike's Notes: Proctor's Sweetness

Proctor Arts Presents: The Foreigner

Proctor en Segovia: Mediterranean Sunlight and Visitors from France

Mountain Classroom: Border Crossings and 10Ks

Academic Lens: Together We Strive

European Art Classroom: Reflections of Spain

Mike's Notes: Appreciating Proctor's Global Campus

Proctor en Segovia: La Rioja, Behind the Vines

College Counseling: Understanding College Support Services

European Art Classroom Prepping for Spain

Community: Proctor Ski Area Celebration, Alumni Hockey Game, Board Weekend and Head's Day!

Mountain Classroom: Immigration Policy and Desert Living

Proctor en Segovia: East from Málaga

Mike's Notes: Time to Look at Discipline

Proctor Arts: Backstage Access to The Foreigner

Proctor Arts: Student Work Exhibited at AVA Gallery

Proctor Alumni: Abbie Young '15 on College Prep

European Art Classroom: Family Weekend Winter 2017

Proctor Athletics: Student Ski Patrollers

Mike's Notes: Rubik's Cube of Identity

Proctor in Costa Rica: Mid-Term Update

Mountain Classroom: The Power of the Solo

European Art Classroom: Back from Paris

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Basketball Team Spotlight

Mountain Classroom: Reflecting on Mexico

Proctor en Segovia: Taking It In

European Art Classroom: Paris Beckons Monday

Student Voices: Behind the Paint

Eric Barthold: Man Up and Open Up

Mountain Classroom: Mexico!

Proctor Athletics: Nordic Team Spotlight

Mike's Notes: Transitions

Academic Lens: Unpacking Feedback

MLK Day 2017: Building Your Life's Blueprint

European Art Classroom: Welcome to France

Mountain Classroom: Cochise Stronghold 2017

Proctor Athletics: Boys' Basketball Team Spotlight

Mike's Notes: 7 Students + 1 President = 8 Great Speeches

Academic Lens: Removing Silos to Maximize the Whole

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Varsity Hockey Team Spotlight

Mountain Classroom: Back in Action with Wilderness First Aid

Mike's Notes: Tech Block Tinkering

The Admissions Process and Awareness Threshold

Family to Family: Life at Boarding School

Top Ten Proctor Videos of 2016

Mountain Classroom: Born in the Bayou

Proctor Community: Top Ten Stories of 2016

Mountain Classroom: Rollin' on the River

The Gift of Proctor

Mountain Classroom: Week 1 on the Road

Proctor Athletics: Winter Break Schedule

Mike's Notes: The Small Marvelous

Proctor Alumni: Buy Proctor This Holiday Season!

Proctor Community: Weekend in Review

Proctor Athletics: Boys' Hockey Team Spotlight

Mike's Notes: Truth and Education

Proctor Alumni: Moriah Cowles '02

Proctor Community: Being a Wholehearted Educator

Academic Lens: Student Voices on Engaged Learning

Mike's Notes: The Proctor Family

Proctor Community: Transitions

Summer Service 2017: Expand Your Horizons

Academic Lens: Becoming Students

Proctor Community: Happy Thanksgiving!

Ocean Classroom: Final Reflections from Voyage 2016!

Proctor en Segovia: Open Doors

Week of Thankfulness Day 6: Parents

Mike's Notes: Gratitude

Week of Thankfulness Day 4: Support Staff

Week of Thankfulness Day 3: Maintenance Department

Week of Thankfulness Day 2: Housekeeping Department

Week of Thankfulness Day 1: Technology Team and Livestream

Proctor Arts: Calm Within the Storm

Proctor Athletics: Fall 2016 Award Winners

Mike's Notes: Whipsaw Week

Proctor en Segovia: Mi casa es tu casa

Academic Lens: Innovation and Community

Academic Lens: Proctor and Politics

Proctor Athletics: Boys' Soccer Team Spotlight

Ocean Classroom: Update from the Caribbean

Mike's Notes: Picking Up and Giving Back

Proctor Athletics: Crew Team Spotlight

Ocean Classroom: Reflections on Havana

Proctor Alumni: Robert 'Bob' Merriam '41

Mike's Notes: JV2 Soccer, Chicago Cubs, and the World Series

Academic Lens: Global Perspectives

Proctor Alumni: Alison Berman '07

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Girls' Soccer Team Spotlight

Mike's Notes: Toggle...Click...Focus!

Proctor en Segovia: From Metro Madrid to Rural Rioja

Niner Hike: The Journey is Yours

Academic Lens: Preparation for What?

Ocean Classroom: The Wonders of the Sea

High School Mountain Bike League Takes Riding to New Level

Campaign for Proctor: Brown Dining Commons

Proctor Athletics: Cross Country Team Spotlight

Mike's Notes: The Role Fans Play

Fall Family Weekend 2016

Proctor Alumni: Joanna de Peña '08

Ocean Classroom: Full Sails En Route to Baltimore

Mike's Notes: Competition, the Lakes Region, and Accreditation

Proctor Athletics: Football Team Spotlight

Proctor en Segovia: Slowly Prepare to See the Sea

Proctor Community: Special Olympics Rail Trail Rally 2016

Ocean Classroom: Sailing to Mystic

Mike's Notes: Tolerance, Respect, and Wisdom Moments

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Field Hockey Team Spotlight

Proctor Alumni: Derek Beard '90 Visits Forestry and Wildlife Science Classes

Ocean Classroom 2016: Fair Winds and Following Seas

Proctor en Segovia: Oren turns 18 and other stories: an action-packed first fall post!

Mike's Notes: Simple Advice

Proctor Athletics Team Spotlight: Mountain Biking

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom to Visit Cuba

Academic Lens: Freedom and Security

Mike's Notes: Remember the Wilderness

The College Admission Process: End Goal? A Good Fit!

Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Why Student Mentors Matter

Proctor Community: We're Back! 

Proctor Athletics: Sports Camp 2016

Wilderness Orientation 2016: They're Off!

Modeling Learning: Faculty Professional Development

Dr. Derrick Gay - Checking For Blind Spots

Introducing New Faculty/Staff for 2016-2017

Finding Yourself: Proctor's Gift to Each Student

What You Gain In A Boarding School Community

Threshold: What's Your Willingness to Be Different?

Proctor Community: Lessons From Living With a Roommate

Advice to Day Students at a Boarding School

Going Beyond Proctor's Mission Statement

Proctor's Campus in Summer

Understanding the Advisor/Advisee Relationship

Academic Lens: A Nudge Toward Imperfection

Celebrating Our Independence: Andover 4th of July

Academic Lens: Nudging Toward Mindfulness

The Thoreau House Fire

Delayed Gratification: Life of a Proctor Academy Teacher

Proctor Off-Campus Programs & The Power of a Global Classroom

Honoring 96 Years of Service: Thank You Marie, Lida, and Ed!

Proctor Academy USSA/FIS Skiing: Summer Camp in Mammoth

The Wisdom of Youth

Proctor Summer Service: Update from Guatemala

The People Who Build Community

Proctor Alumni: Reunion 2016 Recap

Advice for the Graduate: Leymah Gbowee P'16

Celebrating the Class of 2016

Proctor en Segovia: Farewell Dear Old Spain, Until We Meet Again!

Proctor Arts: Express Fest 2016

Mountain Classroom: Final Thoughts

European Art Classroom '16 Final Blog

A Reminder of Who We Are

Proctor Athletics: Spring Athletic Awards

Mike's Notes: A Handful of Questions

Proctor Arts Presents the Spring Musical: Urinetown

Academic Lens: Innovation Night Spring 2016

Mountain Classroom: Solos and The Journey East

Doug Park '01: 5 Life Lessons Learned While Building a Boat at Proctor

Proctor en Segovia: Time

Proctor Athletics: Class of 2016 College Bound

Mike's Notes: Awards, Black Flies, and the Season of Grit

Proctor Senior Project Blogs 2016

Proctor Faculty / Staff Profile: Brooks Bicknell '77

European Art Classroom: Andalucía Spain

Mountain Classroom: Rosebud, Songbirds, and Wheat

Why We Run: Proctor's 4th Annual On Your Mark 5K

Mike's Notes: The Boarding School Landscape

Academic Lens: The Coates Collaborative Project

Proctor en Segovia: Mediterranean Light

Mountain Classroom: Life Lessons on the San Juan

Proctor Spring Formal 2016

Mike's Notes: Interconnectedness

Proctor Academy Earth Day 2016

Mountain Classroom: Thoughts from Moab

Proctor en Segovia: Fútbol, Foosball, New Relationships and Old

College Counseling: 10 Tips to Mitigate Stress and Anxiety

European Art Classroom: Spring '16 Week 4

Proctor Alumni: Karen (Hufnagel) Hoskin '86

Mike's Notes: Faith. The Restful Journey.

Mindfulness Matters

Mountain Classroom: The Grand Canyon and Being a Hunter/Gatherer!

Proctor en Segovia: Viva Valencia

European Art Classroom: April in Paris

We Are Family: Spring Family Weekend 2016

A Compassionate Community

Mountain Classroom: The Cochise Stronghold

Fueling the Body For Learning!

European Art Classroom S'16: Week 2

Mike's Notes: The Selfless Pass

Proctor en Segovia: Palaces and Processions, Becoming Spanish Speakers and Chefs

Academic Lens: Please Don't Try to Define Me

European Art Classroom: Spring Week 1

Proctor Student Voices: Unfiltered

Mike's Notes: A Stampede for Learning

Mountain Classroom: Spring Term and New Beginnings

Preparing for Revisit Days: Our Advice

Project Period 2016: The Power of Community

Mike's Notes: Why Project Period?

Academic Lens: Creating a Culture of Sharing

Proctor Athletics: Spring Training 2016

Proctor History: Women in History Month

Proctor Alumni: Greg Mickle '01

The Proctor Experience: Appreciate the Whole

European Art Classroom: Farewell

Proctor Athletics: Girls' Basketball NEPSAC Champs!

Mountain Classroom: Final Reflections from the Winter Term

Mike's Notes: A Cookie and a Note of Gratitude

Proctor Arts: Term in Review

The Power of Proximity

Proctor en Segovia: Una casa llena de amor y chocolate

Proctor Athletics: NEPSAC Tournament Preview

Mountain Classroom: Winter Count Reflections

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2016 Awards Winners

Mike's Notes: Deep Practice and Deep Learning

Proctor Arts Presents the Winter Play: Harvey

Academic Lens: Refusing to Say "I Can't"

Academic Lens: Be Curious

European Art Classroom: Week 6

Proctor en Segovia: The bottom line is, that tiramisu was out of this world

Mountain Classroom: Tohono O'odham Reservation

Proctor Athletics: USSA/FIS Team Welcomes US Ski Coaches and Athletes

Mike's Notes: What's In Proctor's Wheelhouse?

Academic Lens: Mental Toughness

Proctor in Costa Rica - Mid-Term Update

European Art Classroom: Week 5

Mountain Classroom: Thriving on Solos

Understanding the Impact of Athletics at Proctor

Mike's Notes: Creative tension, the micro moment, the lost hour, and Proctor.

Proctor en Segovia: 11 Men Captivate Millions

Environmental Stewardship Meets Fiduciary Responsibility

Academic Lens: Democracy in Action

European Art Classroom: Week 4

Mountain Classroom: Exploring White Sands

Mike's Notes: Got Snow?

Artie Pratt '56: Proctor's Biggest Fan

Student Life: Appreciating Boundaries

Proctor Alumni: Annie Waterman '00

Mountain Classroom: How Lucky We Are

European Art Classroom: Normandy

Proctor en Segovia: Kernels of Inspiration in Catalonia

Academic Lens: Taking a Break

Mike's Notes: Mentors Making a Difference

Cindy Pierce: Practicing Social Courage

Mountain Classroom: Paddling the Rio Grande

European Art Classroom: "Week Two"

Proctor Alumni: Richard Day '42

Mike's Notes: The Cartography of Courage

Proctor en Segovia: A Mile In My Shoes

Celebrating MLK Day 2016: Understanding Privilege

Mountain Classroom: Backpacking in Big Bend

European Art Classroom: Winter '16 Week 1

Mike's Notes: Road Trips

Proctor Alumni: A Young Alumni Perspective

Academic Lens: How Learning Skills Makes a Difference

Mountain Classroom: Beautiful Fools Reunite in Texas

The Very Best of Proctor: Dedicating the Johnson Family Sugarhouse

Affirmation and Growth Through Most Likely to Succeed

Proctor Athletics: Top 10 Plays of 2015

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Basketball Takes England by Storm!

The Buzz: Top 5 Posts of 2015

Mountain Classroom: A Visit to Red's

Mike's Notes: A Small Gift

Why You Should Study Off-Campus in High School

Investing in Our Future: Proctor Solar Projects

Mountain Classroom: The Mighty Mississippi

Reilly Walsh '17 Selected to US Hockey U-17 National Team

Mike's Notes: Guns and Education

Proctor History 202: Catching up with David Fowler

Academic Lens: World Language Welcomes OWL

Proctor on Snow: Early Season Training

Mountain Classroom: The Journey Begins

Mike's Notes: Discipline and the Appeals Process

A Global Impact: Summer Service Trips 2016

Why Giving Matters: #GivingTuesday

Welcome Back to the Winter Term!

Environmental Stewardship: Inspiring Action

Academic Lens: You Are What You Assess Part 2

Mike's Notes: Learning to Pause

Ocean Classroom: Mission Complete

Proctor en Segovia: Spirit Animals and Fleeting Time

Academic Lens: Living History

Celebrating the Arts - Fall 2015

Proctor Athletics: Fall Term Award Winners

Mike's Notes: Novel Relevancy

Proctor en Segovia: Estamos en casa (We are home)

Academic Lens: Valuing Hard Work

Ocean Classroom: Blue Waters of the Caribbean

Mike's Notes: Friendships

Academic Lens: Teamwork Matters

Why Ocean Classroom?

Proctor Alumni: Malcolm de Sieyes '01

Proctor en Segovia: Colors of Portugal

Mike's Notes: Taking the Next Step

Proctor in Motion

Academic Lens: Proctor IS Innovation

Proctor Athletics: A Weekend of Highlights

Ocean Classroom: Cumberland Island and Beyond

Mike's Notes: The College Process

Academic Lens: Lessons from the Studio

Proctor Alumni: Honoring a Friend Teddy Maloney '88

Michael Kimmel: Masculinity's Role in School Culture

Ocean Classroom: Visiting KIPP Baltimore

Mike's Notes: The Last Class of the Day

Engagement Cycles: Fall Family Weekend, Niner Hike, and Alumni

Giving a Kid a Break: Honoring Shawn Hurwitz '83

Marking the Changing of Seasons with Applesauce

Ocean Classroom: Dreams Realized

Proctor en Segovia: We Are All Pilgrims

Academic Lens: Be The Watershed by Grace '16

Project Period 2016: Connecting Passions

Academic Lens: A Global Classroom

Mike's Notes: West Running School

Ocean Classroom - Look Closely at What is Close to You

Remembering Mark Cangiano P'07

Proctor Alumni: Jessica Sarkisian '91

The Campaign for Proctor: The Dining Commons

Special Olympics Rail Trail Rally: Core Values in Action

Mike's Notes: Ocean Classroom 2015

Proctor en Segovia: Taking the Plunge

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Academic Lens: Be True to You

Mike's Notes: The Arc of Possibility

Proctor Sisters Program

Proctor Athletics: Sports Camp 2015

Proctor Wilderness Orientation: I'm Ready

Teacher Learning Groups - A Year of 'Doing'

New Faces. Same Mission.

Late Summer Reflection at Proctor

Academic Lens: Growth Mindset

Summer Professional Development: Re-energized and Ready

Power of Cultural Immersion

Proctor's Campus in Summer

Academic Lens: Proctor's Approach to Technology

Being a Day Student at a Boarding School

On Being a Proctor Parent: Empowering Independence

Academic Lens: The Power of Writing

Role of the Faculty Advisor at Proctor

Happy 4th of July from Proctor!

Community: What You'll Learn from Your Roommate

Academic Lens: Rethinking Academic Weaknesses

Summer Service: Some Things Are Sweeter Than Chocolate

Academic Lens: Embracing Struggle

Centering Ourselves Through Commitment

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Valuing a Sense of Place: The Proctor Woodlands

Well Wishes in Retirement to a Friend, Artist, and Mentor: Patrice Martin

Graduating Balanced Virtues

Celebrating The Class of 2015

Proctor en Costa Rica: End of Term Reflections

Mike's Notes: The Race We Run

Academic Lens: Senior Projects 2015

Proctor Alumni: Investing In Our Future

Proctor en Segovia Hits the Road: Travels in Portugal, Cataluña, Extremadura and Andalucía

European Art Classroom: Spring 2015 Farewell

Mountain Classroom: Urban Agriculture and Killer Podcasts

Proctor Athletics: Spring 2015 Awards

Mike's Notes: Keeping Awards in Perspective

Proctor Arts: Fiddler on the Roof

Academic Lens: Our Differences Are Our Strength

European Art Classroom Finals Week

Proctor Athletics: Class of 2015 College Bound

Mike's Notes: Cards FOR Humanity

Mountain Classroom: Survivor Edition

Academic Lens: Celebrating Student Work

Proctor en Segovia: Real Madrid Olé and Kayaking with San Frutos

European Art Classroom: Eats through Italy

Community: Going Solar!

Mike's Notes: Imagination

Academic Lens: Removing the Walls

Community: Sustainable Dining

Proctor Spring Formal 2015!

European Art Classroom "Embraces" the Sea

Mountain Classroom: Staying Flexible

Mike's Notes: Small Moments of Courage

Earth Day 2015

Academic Lens: Use Your Skills!

Proctor en Segovia: Desert by the Sea and Ancient Traditions in Old Castile

European Art Classroom: Finding Comfort in Discomfort

Mike's Notes: Collaboration - Beyond a Buzz Word

Mountain Classroom: Transitions and Tumbleweed

Academic Lens: An English Teacher's Journey With Technology

European Art Classroom in Paris

Academic Lens: Assigning Homework To Our Parents

Mountain Classroom: Navigating the San Juan

Community: Spring Family Weekend 2015

Proctor en Segovia: Don't Hold Back

European Art Classroom and New England Women

Proctor in Costa Rica: Drew '17 Reflects

Mike's Notes: Transitioning to Spring

Mountain Classroom: Anticipating the Climb

Academic Lens: The Reverse Funnel Theory

European Art Classroom: 1st Week Surprises

Academic Lens: Why Breadth AND Depth Matter

Mountain Classroom: Defining Outcomes and Building Relationships

Community: Popping the Proctor Bubble

Mike's Notes: The Power of Project Period

Academic Lens: Applying the SAMR Model

Academic Lens: A Living Education

Proctor Academy Assembly Podcasts
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