European Art Classroom: Week Three Update Spring 2023

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On Friday, we went to a winery up in the foothills of the Alpilles, or the “Little Alps”. It was a warm sunny day, with a little bit of a breeze, and the trees are just beginning to leaf out again. European Art Classroom

European Art Classroom

The winery itself is nestled right into the mountain, where the stone keeps the wine at the perfect temperature. The mountains themselves were my favorite part; beautiful limestone interspersed with hardy plant life. Even being the smallest mountains in the Alps they towered above us.

European Art Classroom

While the group went inside the winery(which has the most beautiful gigantic wooden doors), I stayed outside. I sat on some stones and enjoyed the sun and scenery, painting a little watercolor in my carnet.

European Art Classroom

European Art Classroom

Inside the Cloisters of the hospital Vincent van Gogh stayed to recover from his ear incident.

When it finally came time for us to leave, I almost didn’t want to. I love sitting out in beautiful scenes of nature like that and I know that I will always cherish those gorgeous mountains.

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