Proctor en Monteverde: First Impressions Abroad

Apr 15, 2023 1:27:19 PM

Proctor’s sophomore study abroad program in Monteverde, Costa Rica is underway for the spring trimester as six students immerse themselves in Costa Rican culture. Students share their perspectives following their first weeks living with host families and studying abroad. Read more below! 

Proctor en Monteverde: Final Farewells

Mar 2, 2023 12:32:04 PM

For our six sophomores studying abroad in Costa Rica this winter, their eight weeks living and learning with a host family have changed the trajectory of their lives. Read some final reflections from Emma '25 and Bella '25 as they wrap up their time on Proctor en Monteverde! 

Proctor en Monteverde: Independence Abroad

Feb 24, 2023 7:45:00 AM

Proctor en Monteverde affords sophomores an opportunity to study abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica. From living with a host family, to studying Spanish and rainforest ecology, to being fully immersed in Costa Rican culture, Morgan ‘25, Reese ‘25, Will ‘25, Bella ‘25, Henry ‘25, and Emma ‘25 have experienced a life-changing term abroad. Read more from Morgan and Reese below. 

Proctor en Monteverde: Exploring the Rain Forest

Feb 9, 2023 10:11:26 AM

Six sophomores are studying abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica this winter. Over the past two weeks, students have continued their academic courses while immersing themselves in the biodiversity of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Read more from Henry ‘25 and Brenden ‘25 in this week’s blog post from Monteverde. 

Proctor en Monteverde: Life with a Host Family

Jan 21, 2023 9:29:13 AM

Proctor’s term-long off-campus programs ask students to step outside of their comfort zones, while immersing themselves in new cultures around the globe. For six sophomores this winter, Monteverde, Costa Rica is home. Living with a host family, studying Spanish, history, math, science, and literature, all while exploring the most bio-diverse region of the world affords the experience of a lifetime. Hear from students after their first two weeks abroad in their reflections below. 

Proctor en Monteverde: End of Term Reflections

May 12, 2022 2:04:33 PM

Studying abroad comes with countless challenges and lessons. Each day brings new interactions, mistakes, laughter and growth. Throughout our last weeks in Costa Rica, we have come to love the local restaurants, the unimaginably beautiful scenery, the unpredictable weather, the welcoming people and our fun adventures. Read more reflections from Proctor en Monteverde Spring 2022 below! 

Proctor en Monteverde: A Day in the Life

Apr 21, 2022 3:07:22 PM

Last week, Proctor en Monteverde director Brooks Bicknell ‘77 visited the six sophomores currently studying abroad, meeting the group on the trail as they emerged from their three day stay at the San Gerardo Field Station deep within the Cloud Forest, guided by renowned naturalist and writer Mark Wainwright. 

Proctor en Monteverde: Spring 2022 Reflections

Apr 4, 2022 10:27:25 PM

Proctor en Monteverde affords a small group of sophomores the opportunity to study abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica during the winter and spring trimesters. This spring, Boo ‘24, Will 24, Lisle ‘24, Kiefer ‘24, Riley 24, and Ben ‘24 continue with their regular sophomore classes while exploring all that the incredibly biodiverse Monteverde Region has to offer. 



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