Proctor en Monteverde: Spring 2022 Reflections

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Proctor en Monteverde affords a small group of sophomores the opportunity to study abroad in Monteverde, Costa Rica during the winter and spring trimesters. This spring, Boo ‘24, Will 24, Lisle ‘24, Kiefer ‘24, Riley 24, and Ben ‘24 continue with their regular sophomore classes while exploring all that the incredibly biodiverse Monteverde Region has to offer. 

Proctor Academy Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

Proctor en Monteverde students with local high school students on an excursion into the Cloud Forest.

A continuously evolving program under the guidance of on-campus director Brooks Bicknell ‘77 and on-site director Kathia Corralles, Proctor en Monteverde operates as an independent program with close ties to the Cloud Forest School, the Monteverde Institute, and local high schools where students engage with Costa Rican students. Living with host families amplifies the Spanish-speaking and cultural immersion components of the program. Enjoy brief reflections from this spring’s crew below! 

Proctor Academy Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

Proctor en Costa Rica faculty from L to R Daniel (math), Kathia (director) Alberto (Cloud Forest Science) Ernesto (Afternoon Activities) Dannie (English and History)  Eva (Spanish)

Proctor Academy Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

Boo ‘24

I had a lot of worries before going on the trip, but that went away when I saw my friends upon arrival in San Jose. It was really just like going away for the first time freshman year, all of the built up anxiety is replaced with a hunger to experience new surroundings. Besides being happy with the warm temperatures, Costa Rica is gorgeous, and I am so grateful to be sharing this with my group. I’ve had so much fun doing activities outside my comfort zone, or even just when I’m at home playing games with my host brothers.

Will ‘24

Hola from Costa Rica. It's been 12 almost 13 days since we have arrived and so far it has been very pleasurable. We started our quarantine at Playa Blanca, spending time on a secluded beach. Soon after our quarantine, we climbed the mountain up to Santa Elena, where we met our host families. We took the weekend to get to know them and explore the town we would call home for the next eight weeks. Over the weekend we explored finding our new favorite restaurants and cafes. Following the weekend we got a tour of our school where we would be learning and a tour of the local high school where we would spend our Friday afternoons. After the tour, we got to know a class, and they graciously gave us an impromptu rainforest biology lesson. We all split our ways, and everyone returned home, where I found four scorpions around the house. The classes we had were just like classes at Proctor, but we had a better view and a balcony! After classes, we get to experience different activities like dance lessons and horseback riding. We expect this upcoming week to be nothing but fun times and new experiences. 


Lisle ‘24

My initial experience in Costa Rica has been amazing! This past weekend I accompanied my host family to visit their extended family about an hour from Santa Elena. There, I milked a cow, ate a garrobo (iguana meat tastes like chicken!), and relaxed in a warm river. I had an amazing time and can't wait to see what the next week has in store. 

Kiefer ‘24

Costa Rica has been a lot of fun so far. Classes have been fun and interesting. It has been a very cool experience being in a foreign country. The sunsets here are beautiful, as well as the whole town. I have been able to speak Spanish with locals, which has been a very cool experience.

Proctor Academy Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

Ben ‘24

Our trip started with a quarantine at la Playa Blanca for two nights, then we traveled up to the small town of Sante Elena. When I first arrived in the town I realized how much cooler it was compared to lower down the mountain. It was nice to finally arrive in the place I will be spending the next couple of months. The last week in town has been amazing, it has been really fun to go to all the small shops and restaurants in town and to meet all our new teachers. Acclimation to the hot weather has proven to be a little challenging, resulting in many sun burned shoulders but otherwise the trip has been flawless.

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