Proctor Alumni at the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Mar 17, 2022 1:41:31 PM

Proctor Academy alumni are no strangers to the Olympic Games. Five Proctor alums have competed in the Olympics, with many others directly involved in the Games through leadership and support roles. During this winter’s Beijing Olympics, three Proctor alumni were directly involved in supporting the United States' efforts. 

Remembering Former Faculty Nancy Wright P'72, '75

Jan 31, 2022 8:41:35 AM

Traditional New England, all-boys boarding schools throughout the 1950s and 1960s (like Proctor during that era) were male dominated institutions: in the classrooms, on the athletic fields, and in the leadership of the school. A glance at Proctor’s yearbooks from these decades scream order, discipline, and structure. And yet upon closer examination, the Proctor community and experience of the students themselves relied as much on the impact of strong, confident, capable women to lead the school from the inside. Nancy Wright was one of these women during her 20 years of service to Proctor. Today, we share her passing at the age of 94. 

Proctor Alumni: Caroline Heatley '91 and Gary Wright '72 Honored

Jan 23, 2022 4:47:33 PM

The American Hockey Coaches Association (AHCA) 2022 Awards have been announced, and Proctor is thrilled to share that two Proctor alums—Caroline Heatley '91 (The Joe Burke Award) and Gary Wright '72 (The John "Snooks" Kelley Founders Award)—are recipients. Caroline and Gary will be recognized at the AHCA Convention this April. Please help us congratulate these two lifelong Hornets!

Proctor Alumni: Andrew Sandoe '94 | Supporting Our Heroes

Nov 11, 2021 8:53:56 AM

We all remember where we were on the morning of September 11, 2001. Andrew Sandoe ‘94 had recently moved to Washington, DC from New York where he had completed his training with Morgan Stanley on the 63rd floor of 2 World Trade. He recalls, “The director of security at Morgan Stanley had been in the British military and was vigilant about accountability and drills. It drove all of us nuts, but when the first plane crashed (into One World Trade), he overrode the Port Authority police and evacuated the entire Morgan Stanley staff. Then he physically cleared every floor. Morgan Stanley lost 13 employees (out of 3,500), or 0.37%, while Cantor Fitzgerald lost 70% of their team. That day changed the trajectory of my life.” 

Proctor Alumni: William Negley '02 | Sound Off

Nov 10, 2021 8:08:18 AM

When William Negley ‘02 sat in the Proctor Admissions office for his interview more than 20 years ago, he asked Director of Enrollment Chris Bartlett, “Can I really do all the stuff in these brochures?” Chris responded, as he has to thousands of prospective families during his 25 years at Proctor, that each student has the opportunity to find their own path through Proctor. For William, a teenager hungry for experiences, these words laid a foundation of exploration within a world of opportunities at Proctor. 

Proctor Alumni: Max Cobb '83 Applying Lessons on the World Stage

Oct 28, 2021 12:00:54 PM

When Max Cobb ‘83 enrolled at the Carroll School as a 6th grader who had recently been diagnosed with dyslexia, he was barely reading at a 1st grade level. Little did he know that the arduous work during those early years at Carroll would unlock a series of experiences that would define the next forty years of his life, including connections made at Proctor Academy that would lead him to Dartmouth College and a career with US Biathlon. 

The Journey: A Tribute to Walter Wright '49

Sep 19, 2021 8:21:39 PM

With a heavy heart, I share the sad news of the passing of Walter Wright '49. Throughout his lifetime, he remained committed to the growth and sustainability of Proctor. As a Proctor student, Walter was a school leader his senior year, played football, was on the student council and the improvement squad. He was also the recipient of the Shop Award and the Savage Leadership Award. Through my few conversations with Walter since I was appointed Head of School, he expressed a deep commitment to a culture of environmental sustainability that is now woven into the fabric of our community and perpetuated through the naming of the Walter Wright '49 Biomass Plant dedicated in his honor in 2009. 

Proctor Alumni: Max Corcoran '90 and Tokyo Olympics

Aug 4, 2021 12:09:20 PM

Every four years, the Olympics captivate the attention of millions worldwide. For the overwhelming majority of athletes that earn the right to compete, it is the pinnacle of their athletic careers. And, on the rare occasion, some get the opportunity to represent their country multiple times. Even the casual observer of the games can marvel at the work and dedication to compete at such a high level. No doubt the athletes gain the recognition they deserve, but behind every athlete is a team of coaches, trainers, medical personnel, and many others who work to support the Olympic dream. For four Olympics, Max Corcoran '90 has been an integral part of Team U.S.A.'s Equestrian Team, serving as a Groom to some of the nation's top riders. 

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