European Art Classroom - Belgium, Spring 2023

Proctor Academy Announces New Ocean Classroom Partner in SEA

Team Spotlight: Softball

European Art Classroom: Back at it and Family Weekend

Spring Family Weekend 2023: Sharing the Love

Proctor Athletics: Track Team Spotlight 2023

Proctor en Segovia: Penitents and Pasos

Proctor's Educational Model: Dichotomies in Action

European Art Classroom: Spring in Vienna

Mountain Classroom: Life Without a Phone and Expedition Preparations

Proctor en Monteverde: First Impressions Abroad

Getting to Know the Proctor Community: Jennifer Summers

The Journey: On Being Vulnerable and a Sophomore

Academic Lens: Continuing the Legacy of the Proctor Woodlands

Proctor en Segovia: Embracing New Beginnings

European Art Classroom: Week Three Update Spring 2023

Getting to Know the Proctor Community: Ellie Moore

European Art Classroom: Spring 2023 1st Week in Review

The Journey: Only Just the Beginning

Mountain Classroom: Stretching Comfort Zones

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2023 Awards

Fresh Starts, Mud Season, and Our Why

An Anchor in the Wind: Proctor's Purpose

The Journey: Coming Out of the Darkness

Project Period 2023: Pursuing Passions

Ocean Classroom: Final Reflections

Proctor en Segovia: Anticipating Andalucía

What the World Needs Now: Connected and Compassionate Adolescents

Dear Future Proctor Students: Let the Adventure Begin

Proctor Announces Alisa Barnard as New Assistant Head of School

Proctor en Monteverde: Final Farewells

Proctor Athletics: Spring Training Trips 2023

Mountain Classroom: The Way Education Should Be

European Art Classroom - Finals Week

The Arts at Proctor: Three Dimensional Identities

Proctor en Monteverde: Independence Abroad

Proctor en Segovia: More Than Tourists

The Journey: What Discipline Teaches Us Well

Honor the Past by Supporting Today: 1848 Giving Challenge:

European Art Classroom: W'23 Visits Madrid

Ocean Classroom: Key West to Panama City

Proctor Theater Presents: Little Women

Proctor en Segovia: Art and Style in Madrid and the Beautiful Game

Mountain Classroom: Expeditions and Down Time

Academic Lens: Turning Outrage into Action

The Journey: Head's Day Rigor and Relief

Love Walks: Finding Purpose in Little Moments

European Art Classroom: Time Flying in Aix and Beyond

Mountain Classroom: The Crafting of Intentional Community

Proctor en Segovia: Learning Through Travel

Proctor en Monteverde: Exploring the Rain Forest

Academic Lens: Understanding Proctor's Math Curriculum

European Art Classroom: Chasing the Sun

Ocean Classroom: A View from the Keys

The Journey: Freedom to Be

Academic Lens: Happiness and Winter

Mountain Classroom: Advice from Students

European Art Classroom: Paris W'23

Ocean Classroom: A Day in the Life Aboard Harvey Gamage

The Journey: Human Connection in Aix en Provence

Academic Lens: When Teachers Become Students

European Art Classroom: Week Two Adventures with Brian

Proctor en Monteverde: Life with a Host Family

Mountain Classroom: A Guidebook to the Mountain Experience

Proctor en Segovia: Snapshots From a First Week Abroad

In Pursuit of a Beloved Community: Celebrating Dr. King's Legacy

European Art Classroom: Winter 2023 Week One

The Journey: Witnessing Aboard the Harvey Gamage

Game Day: The Opportunity to Compete

Exodus Ayers '24 Named Gatorade Player of the Year

The Journey: Friends For Life

Why I Work at a Boarding School: Stewarding a Community

The Simple Act of Witnessing Others: Mental Health Struggles and Teenagers

Proctor Receives NATA Safe Sports School Award

Top 10 Posts of 2022: Reflecting on a Year of Impact

The Proctor Fund: Supporting the Proctor Experience

The Journey: The Top 20+1 Highlights of the Year

Awaiting the Light: Solstice Reflections

Proctor Arts: Exhibits, Installations, and Acquisitions for 2023

Winter Break 2022 Holiday Tournaments and Races

Mountain Classroom: Winter 2022-2023 Hits the Road

Kids Doing Kid Things: Trust and Adolescents

The Journey: The Path to Acceptance

Evergreens During Stick Season: Relationships That Endure

Academic Lens: Stepping into Experiences with Confidence

Academic Lens: Understanding Obstacles to Engagement

The Interwoven Actions of Community

Notes of Gratitude: A Community Mindset

Remembering Edna Peters: Simple, Great Acts of Love

The Journey: On Becoming

Proctor en Segovia: Reflections on a Term Abroad

European Art Classroom: Wrapping Up Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Athletic Award Recipients

Culminating Arts and Academics: Passions on Display

We Are Each Spirit Keepers

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Football and Soccer Earn NEPSAC Tournament Bids

Proctor Alumni: Kate Kozain '12 in Service to Others

Holderness Weekend: The Power of a Rivalry

Academic Lens: The Non-Linear Journey of Adolescence

Proctor Academy Achieves US Ski and Snowboard Gold Certification

Ocean Classroom: Stars Above and Stars Below

The Journey: Almost, Maine and the Vibrancy of Self Identity

Team Spotlight: Mountain Biking 2022

European Art Classroom: Valencia Espãna

A Weekend to Remember: We're Doing Something Right

A Proctor Fall by Maya Gergen '23

Team Spotlight: Varsity Football 2022

Academic Lens: Pursuing Excellence and Growth

Proctor en Segovia: Architecture of Andalucía

European Art Classroom - A Recap and Update from Aix

The Journey: Proctor's Woodlands and the Learning Edge

More Proctor Than Proctor Itself: Remembering Bill Peabody, P'82, '86

Academic Lens: Learning from Each Other

Ocean Classroom: Maine, Sail Training, and Heading South

European Art Classroom: Fall Family Weekend 2022

Fall Family Weekend 2022: Appreciating Moments, Celebrating Momentum

The Journey: Art for Art's Sake

Proctor en Segovia: Grappling with Spain's Complicated History

An Annual Tradition: The 9th Grade Cabin Hike

Fall Family Weekend 2022: Information and Schedule

Building Bridges of Connection: Our Work as Educators

European Art Classroom: Amsterdam

Proctor en Segovia: A Journey North to Basque Country

Why We Assemble

Believing in a Kid's Potential: Remembering Tom Eccleston

The Journey: Just Close Your Eyes and Look

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Trustees, Visioning, and Woodlands Building

Remembering John Pendleton P'85, '88, GP '00, '13, '15, '20

Ocean Classroom: Preparation and Patience

European Art Classroom: Welcome to France

The Journey: Building Student Leaders

A Day in the Life: The Jigsaw Puzzle of Proctor

Proctor en Segovia: Building New Connections

Weaving the Tapestry of Proctor: Evolving Identities

Committing to Community: Building a Culture

Ocean Classroom 2022: Setting Sail from Mystic

Here Comes the Sun: An Investment in Solar

The Journey: We Do Hard Things

Registration Day 2022: Letting Go and Taking Flight

The Journey: Ending Mending Nets

USS/FIS Program Update: Saas Fee Training Camp

When Students Breathe Life Into Proctor

The Role of the Advisor: A North Star for Adolescents

Professional Development: Building a Community Rooted in Empathy and Compassion

Welcoming New Faculty and Staff for 2022-2023

Setting a Vision: Rooting Ourselves in Our Why

Our Educational Model In Action: Learning By Doing

The Building Blocks of a Better World: Friendships

Reflections from Rosebud: Summer Service 2022

Learning to Play Like Yourself: The Identity Journey

The Power of the Wilderness

What Kids Need To Do Their Best Work

On Being a Day Student at a Boarding School

Cultivating Challenge: Being a Gardener for Adolescents

The Parent Perspective: Hopes For Our Children

How Can We Embrace a Do Less Mentality?

Celebrating Both Independence and Interdependence

Dartmouth Fellowship for Aspiring Educators: Introducing Josie Sanchez

You Are Enough

Making the Magic Happen: Supporting the Proctor Fund

Proctor Athletics: 50 Years of Title IX and Women's Sports at Proctor

Thank You and Farewell to Departing Faculty and Staff

Proctor USS/FIS: Mount Hood Training Camp 2022

A Delayed Celebration for The Class of 2020

Class of 2022: Pursuing Passions at the Next Level

Remembering David Fowler: A Legacy of Leadership

Proctor Athletics: Hall of Fame Inductees 2022

Reunion 2022: Back To Our Roots, Finally!

The Class of 2022: Choosing Joy

The Soundtrack of the Final Week

European Art Classroom: Final Thoughts from Spring 2022

Proctor Athletics: Spring 2022 Award Recipients

Mountain Classroom: The Circles That Shape Us

Proctor en Segovia: In Their Words

Read This Before it’s Banned: Culture and Conflict Examines Censorship in Literature

The Journey: Finishing Up Strong or "25 or 6 to 4"

Proctor Drama Presents: Shrek! The Musical

Senior Project 2022: Preparing Students for Life at Proctor

2022 Underclass Award Recipients

European Art Classroom: Finals Week

Mountain Classroom: Solo Reflections and the Golden Trowel

Lakes Region Success: Girls Varsity Tennis

The Journey: Holding Students and Each Other Accountable

Proctor en Monteverde: End of Term Reflections

Afternoon Program Spotlight: Cycling

A Safety Net, A Spring Board, and Amplifying the Proctor Experience

Mountain Classroom: Group Dynamics and Climbing Toward the End

European Art Classroom: Back from Belgium

The Journey: The Power of the Word

Authentic Adversity and The Beautiful Mess of Adolescence

Proctor en Segovia: Video Dispatch from Spain

Team Spotlight: Whitewater Slalom Kayaking

European Art Classroom: Joie de Vivre

Mountain Classroom: Becoming Our Best Selves

Earth Day 2022: Using Our Voice for Good

Proctor en Segovia: Learning Through Travel - Spain's Basque Country

European Art Classroom - Parent's Weekend

Spring Family Weekend: Be Present

Proctor en Monteverde: A Day in the Life

Spring Family Weekend: Together Again!



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