Afternoon Program Spotlight: Rock Climbing Team

Proctor Community: Resilience Edition

Ocean Classroom: Mystic and Onward to the Big Apple

Mike's Notes: On Being Wrong

Afternoon Program Spotlight: Kayaking

Honoring and Celebrating: Indigenous People's Day

Ocean Classroom: Rhythms and Routines

College Counseling Virtual Seminars

Afternoon Program Spotlight: Mountain Biking

Inflection Points and Hard Work

Ocean Classroom 2020: Laughs, Hard Work, and Surprise Visitors

Proctor Admissions: Explore Proctor Virtual Sessions

Mike's Notes: The Context of Language

Introducing the Proctor Broadcasting Network

Afternoon Program Spotlight: The Woods Team

Quiet Work, Big Impact: Proctor's Board of Trustees

Acedia: Name It. Legitimize It. Learn to Navigate It.

Ocean Classroom: Anchors Away (Finally)

Academic Lens: Constancy in Motion

Academic Lens: 2019-2020 Underclass Awards

Proctor Athletics: Embracing a New Normal

Mike's Notes: Ocean Classroom, Clear Structures, and Defined Outcomes

Proctor Academy's Next Head of School: Brian Thomas

Community Stewardship: We're Not Out of the Woods Yet

Ship, Shipmate, Self: A Foundation for the Year Ahead

Registration Day 2020: It's GO TIME!

A Community Update: From the Lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Proctor

Introducing New Faculty for 2020-2021: Will Wamaru

Mental Health, COVID-19, Pandemics and the Power of Community

Proctor Alumni: Connecting Alumni Across Generations

Facilitating Courageous Conversations Within the Context of Teams

Mike's Notes: A Caution Against Exceptionalism

Dorm Life at Proctor: COVID-19 Edition

Proctor and the Town of Andover: The Context of Reopening

Proctor Alumni: Reilly Walsh '17 Signs NHL Contract

Life in Relationship is Simply Better

Mike's Notes: The Foundation for Our Community

Trust and the Role of the Advisor at Proctor

Seeking Spontaneity and the Breaking of Rhythms

Mike's Notes: Proctor's Return to School Plan

In The Midst of the Storm: Standing Together

Exploring Proctor's 2,500 Acres: Advantages of Social Distancing

Evolving Technology: Preparing Proctor for the Future

What Will You Do With Your Independence?

Staying Connected: Summer Office Hours

Mike's Notes: An Institutional Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work

A Tribute to Departing Faculty and Staff

Behind the Magic: Supporting the Proctor Fund

Juneteenth: We Must KEEP Talking About Race

Proctor Alumni: James L. Dunbar's '49 Legacy

Academic Lens: Depth of Learning and Academic Concentrations

Class of 2020: Pursuing the Arts in College

Class of 2020: Awards and Recognitions

Proctor Alumni: Together Series

Mike's Notes: We Stand Against Racism and Injustice

Celebrating the Class of 2020: Stepping Into the World

Proctor Arts: Spring Virtual Art Show 2020

The Hornet's Nest: A Tribute to Seniors

Mike's Notes: The Places That Make Us

Introducing Proctor's 2020-2021 School Leaders

Synchronous Remote Learning is Exhausting. And So Worth It.

Class of 2020: Playing at the Next Level

Mike's Notes: Rituals, Traditions, and Managing Today

Academic Lens: The Senior Project Experience

Strengthening Relationships Through Simply Being

Proctor en Segovia: The View From Spain

Academic Lens: Temporal Ambidexterity

Mike's Notes: Lessons from the Mute Button

Academic Lens: National Honor Society Inductions Spring 2020

Proctor Town Hall Forum Series: Conversation with Head of School

Proctor Alumni: The College Athletics Experience

Academic Lens: The Hornet's Nest

Mike's Notes: A "Two Tramps in Mud Time" Kind of Week

Earth Day 2020: Find Yourself a Gobsmacked Moment

Radical Acceptance: Our Collective Mental Health Journey Through COVID-19

Mike's Notes: The Community Fix

The Arts at Proctor: Remote Creativity

Students Perspectives: When Life Forces You to Slow Down

Academic Lens: Modeling Lifelong Learning

From Fear to Freedom: Who We Could Become

Mike's Notes: The Big Decision

European Art Classroom: Together, We Are

Academic Lens: College Counseling Perspective on Pass/Fail Grades

The Unforeseen Beauty in Listening

Mike's Notes: Dear Class of 2020

Academic Lens: We Got This!

A Willingness to Dream in a Time of Pause

Proctor's Virtual Revisit Experience: March 31 and April 7

Academic Lens: Stepping into the Unknown, Together

Finding Ourselves in a New Normal

Admissions Decisions 2020: Let the Journey Begin

Proctor en Monteverde: Final Reflections

Mike's Notes: Power of Routine in a Tilted World

Academic Lens: We Can Do Hard Things

Proctor Athletics: Spring Break Training Trips

Proctor en Segovia: Málaga es un Carnaval

European Art Classroom: W'20 Farewell

Mountain Classroom: Full Circle and ISGE

Mike's Notes: COVID-19 and Institutional Agility

Proctor Athletics: Winter 2020 Award Recipients

The Alchemy of Community: One Plus One Equals Three

European Art Classroom: Craft and Art

Proctor en Segovia: A Day as a Madridista

Mike's Notes: Pace and Flow - Coaching the Game Within the Game

Proctor Drama Presents: Noises Off

Academic Lens: A Week in the Life of a Proctor Student

Mountain Classroom: Solos and Yosemite

European Art Classroom: Munich, no wait! Belgium Instead!

Proctor en Segovia: Sevilla In Our Hearts

Mike's Notes: Ah...Hubris

Mountain Classroom: Questions for the Stars, Catalina, and Cooking

Team Spotlight: Varsity Alpine Skiing

European Art Classroom: Painting & Picnics

Stewarding Proctor in Our Own Ways

Proctor en Monteverde: Rain Forest Adventures

Mike's Notes: The Process

European Art Classroom: Parents Welcome

Mountain Classroom: The Harsh Beauty of the West

Bonus Weekend: The Power of Slow

Proctor en Segovia: Barcelona and Catalonia Winter 2020

The Days Are Long, but the Years Short

European Art Classroom: Paris 2020

Academic Lens: Expanding Your Wellness Toolbox into the Arts

Proctor en Monteverde: Transitions and Reflections

Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Basketball

Mountain Classroom: The Grand Canyon and Arizona Climbing

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Believing in an Arch Toward Justice

European Art Classroom: Gathering at the Table

Proctor en Segovia: A Day In The Life

Mike's Notes: A Commitment to the Outdoors

Academic Lens: Hays Speaking Prize 2020

Hays Speaking Prize Winners: Where Are They Now?

Team Spotlight: Girls' Varsity Hockey 2020

European Art Classroom: The Journey up the Tête

Mike's Notes: Tending the Orchard

Mountain Classroom: Okefenokee Reflections

Team Spotlight: Proctor Nordic 2020

Planning, Resolutions, and Untapped Potential

The Gift of Proctor: Believing In Our Why

2019 Year in Review: Our Most Read Stories by Month

Happy Holidays: New Light, New Life and a Season of Restoration

Mike's Notes: The Tree

Winter Break 2019-2020 Athletics and Training

Mountain Classroom: From New Hampshire to the Okefenokee

Proctor Arts: Spencer Topel's Time Lines Sound Art Installation

Proctor Community: The Power of Grace and a Tribute to Mr. Rogers

Proctor Alumni: Buy Proctor This Holiday Season

Mike's Notes: To Christmas or Not to Christmas

The Off-Campus Experience

Team Spotlight: Boys' Varsity Hockey 2019-2020

Value a Journey That Is Truly Your Own

Mike's Notes: The Breakfast Lesson

New Beginnings and the Power of Momentum

Pursuing Our Best Selves: Questioning and the Heart of Learning

Ocean Classroom 2019: Final Voyage Logs

A Note of Thanksgiving: Appreciating Community

Proctor's Academic Concentrations Program: Synthesis of Learning

Academic Lens: Innovation Night 2019

Ocean Classroom 2019: Land Ho!

Proctor Alumni: Charles (CC) Callaway '85

Depth of Identity: Celebrating the Arts at Proctor

Proctor en Segovia: The Province Left Untouched

Mike's Notes: Education - A Product or Process?

Ocean Classroom 2019: Transit Part 1

Fall 2019: Athletic Awards

Bowl Bound: Proctor Football 2019 NEPSAC Title Game

Daring Greatly: Holderness Weekend 2019:

Academic Lens: Patiently Finding Voice

The Impact of a Rivalry: Holderness Day 2019

Ocean Classroom 2019: Preparing for Transit

Advisory Dinner: Intentional Moments

Mike's Notes: Cancel Culture and Community

Academic Lens: Chasing Our Why

Team Spotlight: Varsity Football 2019

Proctor en Segovia: Not Your Average Excursion to Catalonia

Ocean Classroom 2019: The Gulf Stream to Savannah

Special Olympics Fun Day 2019: Cast Inhibition Aside and Love

Mike's Notes: Sports and The Planting of Hope

Proctor Alumni: Scott Messersmith '92

Team Spotlight: Girls' Varsity Soccer

Introducing: The Stories of Proctor Podcast

Ocean Classroom 2019: From Annapolis to Norfolk

Team Spotlight: Crew 2019

The 9th Grade Hike: Foundational Connection

Proctor en Segovia: This Is Our Town, Featuring Los Padres

Fall Family Weekend 2019: Details and Info

Academic Lens: Confronting and Stewarding Privilege

Ocean Classroom 2019: The Chesapeake and Mid-Atlantic

Mike's Notes: Food and the Pursuit of a Healthier Mindscape

Team Spotlight: Cross Country Running 2019

Planners and Dreamers: Crafting the Proctor Experience

The Arts at Proctor: Current Exhibits and Exciting News!

Ocean Classroom: Through the Big Apple and Beyond

Proctor en Segovia: Journey To the End of the Earth

Mike's Notes: Who Keeps It Going?

Layers of Leadership: Engagement and Empowerment

Team Spotlight: Varsity Field Hockey 2019

Academic Lens: Aporia As a Way of Life

Ocean Classroom 2019: The First Week at Sea

Mike's Notes: What's the Score? The Real Score.

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