Dear Future Proctor Students: Let the Adventure Begin

Posted by Scott Allenby


Dear Future Hornet, 

You just received an email from our Admissions Office sharing that you were accepted to Proctor for the 2023-2024 school. You will make up an incoming class that is one of the most talented, diverse, curious, and fun groups of students we could imagine. You found Proctor because you and your family believe that there is more to high school than a traditional classroom, and you see Proctor as the place where you want to “do” school differently. 

As you take in this news, know that at the heart of our work as educators is an unwavering desire to help you find something to love and then to pursue it with your whole heart. That may seem like a strange thing for your future teachers to want, but watching young people, like you, experience joy is what gives us joy. We see our mission as humans in action when you begin to see yourself in a new light, to embrace the freedom to expand your identity, to take academic risks, to study off campus, and to explore new activities that could become a passion.  

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Your Proctor experience will not look like anyone else’s; this is the beauty of our school. You will find connections with a unique group of friends in your advisory, in the dorm, on your teams, in the theater, or in your classes. Your friend groups will change and morph and evolve, but at the core of the Proctor experience is a feeling of connection, of being both known by others and by yourself. 

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You may start your Proctor adventure believing you know who you are, but through being immersed in experiences that stretch your comfort zone, that pre-conceived notion of “I am this…” or “I am that…,” you will begin to think in a framework of “I could become this…” or “I could become that…" We believe you have the potential to become something greater than you ever imagined, and cannot wait to help you along that journey of becoming. 

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We want students who will suck the marrow out of the Proctor experience, who will laugh and cry and invest their whole being into this community. We want students who will arrive on campus next September hungry to learn and embrace all the challenges that lie before them. This is when we are our best as a school, and as a community, and we believe you will help us become a better version of ourselves. 

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In order to further explore whether Proctor is the right fit for you, Accepted Students and their families are invited to Accepted Student Days on March 31, April 4, and April 7. During these special days, you will shadow current students, your parents or guardians will engage with our current students through panel discussions, and your whole family will experience the intangibles of a community. It is our hope that you will come to the conclusion, as we have, that you and Proctor will be a match. Congratulations and welcome to Proctor! 

With Excitement, 

Your Future Teachers

Click here for more information on Proctor's Accepted Student Days!


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