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Notes of Gratitude: A Community Mindset

Nov 22, 2022 10:29:56 AM

Campus is quiet, for the moment. No bikes or skateboards zooming down pathways. No laughter or chatter as students pass between classes. No rushing off to our next meeting, assembly, or practice. Faculty have plenty of grading to do as we wrap up Fall Term assessments, but we take a collective deep breath this week as we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

Remembering Edna Peters: Simple, Great Acts of Love

Nov 20, 2022 9:29:32 PM

For a teenager, especially one who is living away from home at boarding school, a smile, food, and hug are the simplest, most profound acts of love one can receive. Edna Peters, GP ‘11, ‘14 made sure that each Proctor student who walked into the dining hall experienced all three forms of love each day for more than 40 years. Today, we celebrate her life and her profound impact on the Proctor community. 

Fall 2022 Athletic Award Recipients

Nov 16, 2022 12:51:39 PM

The fall athletic season at Proctor has been filled with moments of elation and heartbreak, celebration and mourning, the shattering of expectations and feeling that we fell just short. We compete because of the lessons athletics can teach us; lessons of teamwork, collaboration, and selflessness. We compete because it allows us to measure ourselves and our abilities against like-minded competition. We compete because it pushes us to find and explore the best of ourselves, and that is just what our teams did this fall. 

Culminating Arts and Academics: Passions on Display

Nov 16, 2022 8:50:20 AM

Our Instagram feed has been dominated by athletics photos and videos from Holderness Day, however, so much more has been happening over the past few days on campus. A celebration of the arts at Proctor with the Fall Term Art Show and Jazz/Rock and Band Recording Concert kicked off Holderness Weekend and tonight’s Innovation Night put culminating academic experiences on display for the community. 

We Are Each Spirit Keepers

Nov 14, 2022 10:24:21 PM

Nearly every School Leader candidate over the past decade has rooted their platform in a promise to bring more “school spirit” to Proctor. This year’s leaders, Grace ‘23 and Maks '23, have done their part to help build school spirit this fall, and their energy has been infectious within the community. The spirit they have helped build within the school was on full display this past weekend. 

Proctor Athletics: Varsity Football and Soccer Earn NEPSAC Tournament Bids

Nov 13, 2022 1:48:01 PM

After ten weeks of practicing, training, working, and playing, the Fall Athletics season has come to an end for most of Proctor’s teams. For the varsity girls soccer and varsity football teams, their season continues with an appearance in the NEPSAC Tournament. 

Proctor Alumni: Kate Kozain '12 in Service to Others

Nov 10, 2022 8:16:57 AM

When Kate Kozain ‘12 walked across the stage at Proctor’s Commencement ceremony, she did not plan to join the armed forces. Her goal was simple: to pursue an education and career where she could help others and make an impact. As a recently appointed Tillman Scholar at the University of North Carolina School of Law the impact she is having is immense. She is currently pursuing her Juris Doctor and intends to practice law as a criminal prosecutor when she graduates.

Holderness Weekend: The Power of a Rivalry

Nov 9, 2022 4:40:17 PM

At high schools across the country, the final games of the fall athletic season often occur between the fiercest of rivals. Many of these rivalries date back well over a hundred years, evolving over time, but always keeping at the core a mutual respect and healthy competitiveness with the other school. Such is the Proctor // Holderness rivalry. 

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