We Are Each Spirit Keepers

Nov 14, 2022 10:24:21 PM

Nearly every School Leader candidate over the past decade has rooted their platform in a promise to bring more “school spirit” to Proctor. This year’s leaders, Grace ‘23 and Maks '23, have done their part to help build school spirit this fall, and their energy has been infectious within the community. The spirit they have helped build within the school was on full display this past weekend. 

Holderness Weekend: The Power of a Rivalry

Nov 9, 2022 4:40:17 PM

At high schools across the country, the final games of the fall athletic season often occur between the fiercest of rivals. Many of these rivalries date back well over a hundred years, evolving over time, but always keeping at the core a mutual respect and healthy competitiveness with the other school. Such is the Proctor // Holderness rivalry. 

Stepping Boldly into the Arena: Holderness Weekend 2021

Nov 14, 2021 10:25:48 PM

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, filled with final exam preparations, we reflect on the past two days and all that transpired within our remarkable little community. Starting on Friday morning with the arrival of our Board of Trustees on campus for the first time in two years, we enjoyed a 48 hour sprint that included our final Fall Term classes, a Holderness Day pep rally in assembly, Fall Term Art Show, Dance and Jazz/Rock Ensemble performances, and a full day of competitions for Holderness Day 2021. 

Daring Greatly: Holderness Weekend 2019:

Nov 10, 2019 7:53:35 AM

Usually the assembly before Holderness Day serves as a pep rally. Loud cheering and chanting, building school spirit as we prepare to make the drive north and conquer our foes. But Friday’s assembly was not that. It was far more powerful, far better preparation for what Holderness Day is really about: being vulnerable, supporting each other regardless of outcome, and daring greatly. 



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