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As their trimester-long linguistic and cultural immersion program comes to a close, three students reflect on the Proctor en Segovia experience and describe this longstanding off-campus program in their own words.

Proctor en Segovia students live with host families in Segovia, Spain


Ellie '23

Proctor en Segovia is a life-changing opportunity. Students get to study in the beautiful city of Segovia, Spain and stay with a host family. Through living with a host family, students will really immerse themselves in the culture of Segovia. They have the opportunity to try all of the foods that make Spain what it is. Through multiple excursions, they will get to experience not just Segovia, but the many different cultures of Spain. A trip to the Basque country teaches them about the pride of the Basque people, from their varying cultures to language differences. They will get to know the history of this area and why that pride occurs. They will get to try the food that this area is most known for and imagine themselves living in the area. They get to visit museums and experience different art and history from the area as well.

Proctor en Segovia students learn about Spain through travel

Proctor en Segovia students travel to Sevilla to learn about history and culture

They will participate in language classes where they will learn a ton of Spanish, as well as very interesting history and English classes. They will go on two excursions to Madrid, where they will get to visit two of Spain’s world-renowned art museums and see Spain’s spectacular capital.

Group Maria

A visit to Andalusia will teach them about the Muslim influence in Spain and the architectural influences of the area. They will experience the cultural differences throughout all of Spain and the history and politics that have influenced them. They will get to participate in many afternoon activities of choice, which will further immerse them in Spanish culture and force them to try to speak with people in Spanish. The most important aspect of this program, however, is the amazing friendships and connections that they will make along the way. Students will create a bond with each other that will never be forgotten. They will become close friends with everyone in their group, and the bond will never break, even after the term is over.

Proctor en Segovia history class on the road

Proctor en Segovia cooking class in Adnalucia

Proctor en Segovia trip to Andalucia

Victoria '22

Procter en Segovia is an opportunity that not a lot of students get to go on. At first you will get the feeling of homesickness but you get used to it. I’ve learned to not think about what’s around me but what I’m feeling in the moment being in Spain. I know it’s a long way from home, but, at the same time, you should take advantage of the opportunities that they’re giving you to be in a great place like Segovia. I’ve learned a lot being here. You need to use your time wisely because time goes by so fast. You should be excited for and look forward to all the time being with your friends on excursions and trips. One thing that I took advantage of in Segovia was meeting new people. Being here has made me realize a lot of things. One is that you shouldn’t take anything for granted because not a lot of people have this opportunity to do what you’re about to do.

The Proctor en Segovia classroom is on the Plaza Mayor

Segovia 1 Proctor en Segovia students study near the aqueduct of Segovia

Spend time with your host family, get to know them, cook with them, etc. The reason I’m saying spend time with your host family is because no other family is going to care about you the way that your host family does. My whole family brought me in with open arms and I’m so grateful. I was homesick the first two weeks and I was always calling home, but that’s not how it should be. You should step away from your phone and learn about the culture. I’ve had an amazing time in Segovia, and I would do it over and over again. Take advantage of the opportunity that you have been given. Have an amazing time and enjoy it. Explore new things. Last but not least, HAVE FUN

Proctor en Segovia trip to Andalucia

Proctor en Segovia trip to Andalucia

Proctor en Segovia students live with host families in Segovia

Hayden '22

Proctor in Segovia opens up the mind. It allows you to cultivate the experience you want. From the start you can choose your own path and personalize your journey. From choosing between which activities you would like to take, to even getting the choice of having dinner as a group or going off to explore on your own in various cities around Spain. The program also lets you put in as much effort as you want. To take full advantage of each opportunity you have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, like going shopping in a store where nobody speaks English, or going to restaurants and trying new foods. Sometimes this means doing this alone, but it is all part of the experience. 

Proctor en Segovia explore every corner of Segovia

Proctor en Segovia dance afternoon activity

Proctor en Segovia metal arts afternoon activity

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