Proctor Drama Presents: Shrek! The Musical

Posted by Scott Allenby


From faculty and staff (and their children) playing key roles in the show to our Head of School Brian Thomas making a cameo as Shrek's father in the opening scene to a talented cast of students from all corners of campus, Proctor Drama's production of Shrek! The Musical is truly a community-wide show. After two months of rehearsals, the cast and crew take the stage for opening night on Thursday, May 19 at 7:00 PM in the Wilkins Meeting House. 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

A well-known show filled with humor, references to other musicals and fairy tales throughout, Shrek! The Musical will make you laugh, smile, and applaud in awe of the diverse talent that lives within the Proctor community. The show will play through Saturday May 21. Tickets are available for free at the link below, but must be reserved ahead of time due to the high demand. If you cannot make the show, be sure to tune in via our livestream at the link below. 

Click here reserve tickets to Shrek! The Musical. 

Watch live on the Proctor Broadcasting Network! 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

Class of 2021 alum Tahg Healey returns to play Shrek alongside Abba Ramsey '22 as donkey. You will not want to miss their dynamics on stage! 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

We dare you to not laugh until you cry watching Calvin Monfried '22 play Lord Farquaad.  

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

Those who were fortunate (perhaps that is not the right word) enough to witness a 2016 assembly featuring Chris Bartlett '86, Drew Donaldson '92, and Gregor Makechnie '90 lip-synching "Single Ladies" will love seeing these three blind mice back on the stage. 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

One of the recipients of the "Newcomer of the Year" award by the drama department, Campbell Keith '25 provides a stunning performance that you will not want to miss. 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

Sixth grader Bria Tremblay, Helen Armstrong '23, and Paige Makechnie '25 provide an incredibly talented timeline of Fiona throughout the show. All three are products of the local Andover Elementary Middle School theater program. 


There is never a dull moment with a cast that pulls in teachers and their children alongside a whole host of students. We believe in the importance of doing life alongside our students, which includes acting, singing, and modeling how to be a novice at something. 

576A3245Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

The varsity baseball team, including coach Mark Tremblay, take their on-field talents to the stage with this number during the second act. As if closing out the season with a 9-5 win over Brewster on Wednesday wasn't enough, the boys jumped right into this open dress rehearsal. This is what boarding school theater is all about. 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

Like any great show, the work of the Drama Tech team is absolutely critical to a successful production! This crew does an amazing job supporting the show and allowing scene changes, lighting, and sound to run like a professional operation. 

Proctor Academy Performing Arts Boarding School

Come out and support Proctor's drama department tonight, Friday, and Saturday. Congratulations to the cast and crew from pulling together an amazing show! 

Click here to see more photos from Shrek! The Musical! 


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