Mountain Classroom: Cochise Stronghold 2017

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Proctor Academy's Mountain Classroom headed east from the Superstition Mountains to camp and climb in Cochise Stronghold. In addition to developing our technical rock climbing skills, we began exploring the concept of cultural imperialism through the history of the Apache who conducted a guerrilla war based out of the mountains surrounding our campsite. Enjoy the photos, reflections by Scott '17, and video from this chapter of our journey westward.  

Scott '17:

Being a former Boy Scout, I have experience and knowledge about the outdoors from excursions into the White Mountains in New Hampshire. One trip in particular stuck with me. This was a rock climbing weekend in Rumney. On this trip I learned the basics of rock climbing and belaying. Both my dad and I were hooked. For the next year or two, we spent weekends honing our skills at the Boston Rock Gym for the next time we could get out on the real rocks. This continued until our obsession for mountain bikes took priority, and since then I haven't climbed at all.

5_Learning About a New Belay Device.jpg

5_Preparing For The Climbing Day.jpg

I didn’t realize how much I missed it until we met our climbing guides, Brock and Aaron, on Saturday. They set three climbs ranging in difficulty. I was able to remember most of what I had learned in the past on my first climb, but I definitely didn’t have the finger strength that I used to have. This didn’t affect me too much because, even though it might seem backwards, your feet are your most useful tool when climbing. They bring you balance and support and are the main source of propulsion up the rock.

5_Catherine Doheny on the Wall.jpg

5_Two Climbers on the Wall.jpg

A strong, trustworthy belayer holding your safety rope can give you the extra surge of confidence you need to trust your feet and push yourself closer to the top. For me, any of my Mountain Classroom classmates are more than trustworthy enough to keep me going. I trust these peers with my life and it feels so good to be around such a strong and fun loving group.

5_Climbing Site Panorama From Day 2.jpg

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