Mountain Classroom: Mexico!

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Bahia de Kino in Sonora, Mexico was home to Mountain Classroom for the past week. These videos will give you a taste of our adventures as we spent our time in the water developing kayaking skills, snorkeling, and admiring dolphins and sea lions! Our reading for classes was varied and focused on the local Comcaac tribe, wild foods, diabetes in Mexico, and Steinbeck's The Pearl. Now we are heading out of communication for the next week on solo at the Cascabel Conservation Association

 Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom program

Mexico in a Minute: 


Snorkeling in the Pacific: 

We look forward to sharing all of our blogs when we are back in service later next week. Check out more photos of our time in Mexico at the link below! 

Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom program

Check out more photos from Mountain Classroom!


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