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Proctor Academy's Mountain Classroom program begins its 43rd year of students and instructors setting out on a life-changing journey across the American Southwest. This winter's Mountain Classroom group, along with instructors Coco Loehr '07 and Timbah Bell, have made their way from Eagle Pond in Wilmot, New Hampshire to Buffalo, New York and just yesterday morning departed Foxhollow Farm in Louisville, Kentucky bound for Clarksdale, Mississippi and a week of canoeing. Max '16 shares the group's first reflection of the term below! 

Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom

Day 1 12/1/15

Being woken up with a peaceful bell just before 7am. Throwing on your not so stylish, but comfy long underwear and shorts for your brisk twenty-five degree morning run. Trying to start a fire to make yourself some hot cocoa afterwards. These are some of the things we experienced at Eagle Pond on our first day of Mountain Classroom. 

Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom


Although we have yet to travel on our cozy bus, and we aren't in the backcountry, we all know this is going to be a crazy adventure. We have had such a jam packed day and we haven't traveled more than a hundred yards from our cabin. I am excited to spend some time with our group, even though I had never talked to some of them before we got here. The first night we really got to sit down in our crazy creeks, eat some food, and tell stories. I can honestly say I feel right at home.

Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom

Proctor Academy Mountain Classroom

Day 2 12/2/15

After a fourteen hour journey from Andover, NH to Buffalo, NY in a small bus, we are all pretty comfortable with each other. Although we had some difficulties with the bus, we decided to sing, dance, and laugh in the rain. I really feel like this long and tiring ride did some good for us, as we all got to know each other a little better, and experience some of Lucien's magnificent dance moves with a neck pillow.

Until next time when Mountain Classroom checks in following their canoe trip up the mighty Mississippi, check out more photos from the group's trip thus far! 

Check out more photos from Mountain Classroom!


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