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Proctor Academy's Ocean Classroom crew has completed their first week at sea, sailing from Gloucester, Massachusetts through the Cape Cod Canal to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. Throughout each port stop along the way, portions of the ship's log will be shared with us as we live vicariously through our friends aboard the Roseway. Enjoy this week's window into Ocean Classroom 2016! 

Proctor Academy Boarding School Ocean Classroom

September 25, 2016: Today we sailed from Provincetown to "Hill Cove". Even though there was some seasickness, the sail to the canal was fun. Many songs were sung as dishes were washed and watch chores were completed. There were many feelings of excitement as we rocked back and forth on the waves and many members of A watch got to take the helm. Boat checks are getting aster and people are beginning to feel more at home aboard Roseway. People also finished the last parts of the homework assignments as our first two classes began on Monday. So far, I love life and the rhythm aboard Roseway. I am learning so many new things everyday, and I am so thankful that Proctor and World Ocean School allow us to do Ocean Classroom and embark on this amazing journey. 

Rose: super delicious brownies at lunch, the setting sun and calm water in the canal, dinner of pork and potatoes

Buds: sunshine, the next port (Mystic, CT), watching the sunrise

Thorns: seasickness, headaches, and rough seas in the morning

- Peter '18

Proctor Academy Boarding School Ocean Classroom

Proctor Academy Boarding School Ocean Classroom

September 27, 2016: The day began with high swells and rain, but by 12:00 the rain had stopped as did the swells. We had our first navigation and history classes today. The both went well. We spent most of our morning anchored in the mouth of the Sakonnet River. We raised the sails at 12:00 and sailed up the Sakonnet River some more and lowered the anchor a little after 14:00. The crew enjoyed a swim at 16:00. The water was fairly warm. We enjoyed a delicious dinner before people dispersed for sleep or board games. 

Rose: glassy afternoon waters, and our meals 

Bud: heading to Mystic and the thought of a regular toilet

Thorn: rain this morning and little sleep last night

- Lilah '17 

Proctor Academy Boarding School Ocean Classroom


September 28, 2016: It was a windy day on the Roseway, with wind speeds up to 27 knots and seas reaching five feet. We made good time on our transit from the Sakonnet River to Mystic, CT, traveling at 8-10 knots. We had Lit Class in the main saloon (the indoor common area at the back of the ship). Due to the rough seas, many people got sea sick and took breaks so people could get fresh air. In the middle the class, while we were reading from our book, someone at the kitchen table yelled "SHARK!" and we all shuffled outside to try to catch a glimpse of the large basking shark. For the rest of class we stayed outside getting sprayed by waves and sang sea shanties. 

Rose: getting to sail in tough weather

Bud: Getting to walk around in Mystic tomorrow

Thorn: Getting seasick during class

- Sam '18 

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