Proctor en Monteverde: An Update from Costa Rica

Posted by Proctor in Costa Rica


Our first few hours in Costa Rica were a bonding experience to say the least. After landing in San Jose, we met Kathia and drove up the mountain to our new homes and lives. The views from the van window were unforgettable. Greenness abounds everywhere around us and there’s often a light wind fluttering around, or soft mist falling for short periods of time. We landed in paradise and have loved our experiences so far. 


Presley '24

So far I have had an amazing time in Monteverde. Getting to eat exotic foods, listen to unique music and live a completely different lifestyle compared to the one back at Proctor has been incredible. We spent the first few days together at an Inn waiting for our negative covid test. After those came back, we each went our separate ways to meet our host family and adjust to our new lives. 

My host family has a 16 year old daughter, which has been amazing because we can relate to each other. My host mother Maribel, is an extremely sweet woman, who loves to bake cakes and is an amazing chef. Felix, the father, works in architecture, and loves to watch the nature channel. 


Hayden '24

Our trip so far has been amazing; Costa Rica is one of the most unique places I have ever visited. One of my favorite parts of the trip has been living with and getting to know my host family. I have learned so much from them regarding the culture here and Spanish. My host mom's name is Adriana. She loves to go for walks and she is a fantastic chef. Her husband's name is Fransisco. He loves soccer and watching movies. They have twin daughters named Mariem and Mariel, who are fourteen. Adjusting to a new environment and not speaking the same language was hard at first, but I have learned so much from this experience. 


Jackson '24

I have had so much fun in Costa Rica so far. I was really excited to meet my host family, but sadly, they got covid when we first arrived. I had to stay with Pearce's host family before moving to a new one. Being with a host family has really jump started my experience learning Spanish. I often find myself preparing what I am about to say in Spanish before I walk out of my room in the morning. Speaking a new language wasn't the only culture shock I got since the flora and fauna are drastically different. There is just so much variety compared to New Hampshire and I feel like I am in a new world every time I step outside. I can't believe it's almost halfway over. This has been such a great experience.


Willem '24

It’s hard to believe that week four is already upon us. My host family is more than kind and has really taken me in as their own. I enjoy hanging out with them. I spend every night playing soccer with Luan, who is 6, and usually end up watching soccer with Ethan as well; he’s 13. With so much going on, it's hard to find down time, but we spend everyday doing new things.


Pearce '24

This experience in Costa Rica has been amazing so far. I have been living with my host family now for about a month. Their names are Eli Arguedas and Maria Teresa Cruz, and they have two kids, Tracy and Esteban. My host family is so nice and helpful. They’ve helped me improve my Spanish by pointing out when I mess up a word or sentence. 


Mattie '24

My host family is super nice and genuine. They have a daughter who loves to play games. I am a very, very low Spanish speaker, so it has been hard to have a host family that doesn't speak any English, but it's getting easier the more I'm here. 


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