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Do you like beauty? Do you like making beautiful things? Can you envision looking out the window at rolling French countryside and hearing the clickety-clack of a train?

lourmarin picnic

Can you imagine the smell of burning pruned grape vines underneath a Cerulean blue sky?

Mt. Ste. Victoire

The hills that were painted by great painters from Paul Cézanne and Vincent van Gogh to Pablo Picasso lie at your bedroom window when you open your shutters to the intense Provençal sun.


Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889, by Vincent van Gogh

For Cézanne, it was his home and for Picasso, he made it his home. Like his hero Cézanne who lies in rest, Picasso is buried just a half mile away from your house.

Ben Mello painting Mt. Ste. Victoire

Ben Mello painting in the shadow of Paul Cézanne

Aix-en-Provence is home to Proctor Academy. The village of Vauvenargues (Vo-vin-arg) is where you will live when you make the effort to become a European Art Classroom student. Being an EAC student, you will live with directors Jen and Dave Fleming in a French Bastide (certain type of house) with an attached art studio meeting most of your artistic needs.

Bastide, Mt. Ste. Victoire, Euro

If you like family and living with people you care about and or are welcoming to new friends and a new family with open mindedness, then this could change your life.  Whether you are good at making art or not, if you have passion for art, and the creative process of all the arts, then you should apply.

pont des arts paris

If you love adventure and travel without all-inclusive wrist bands and with no reservations then this may be for you. Travel to Paris, London, Prague, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Milan.  The many cities we visit are works of art themselves, but equally, they house world famous museums filled to the rafters with art. Go see for yourselves what you study.  The world is ready...are you?

bicycles, Amsterdam, National Park, Holland

If coming to a fork in the road with no known destination tickles your stomach with excitement, then come on over.  If you like the intensity of self pursuit married with calm reflective time within a hive of kinetic activity, EAC may become your pivot point in life. EAC is school and EAC is a way of living life to do what we do best. Living to Learn and Learning to Live.

The application process for the following terms in France begins. Sign up!  What are you waiting for?


Euro! Jump into the puddle of life!


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