Proctor Wilderness Orientation: I'm Ready

Posted by Scott Allenby


The start to the school year at Proctor builds slowly for weeks. Faculty trickle back to campus during the early weeks of August as syllabi are prepared, advisor letters are written, and dorms are prepared for students. Meetings happen, registration day schedules are finalized, WOFR training happens, and then BOOM, students arrive and we are off and running!

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

No words in a blog post can describe the energy felt on campus yesterday as new families moved into dorms, returning students ran across campus to embrace after a summer apart, and Wilderness Orientation leaders conducted final gear checks with their groups. Our new students acted confident in their new home as parents lingered for a final hug before reluctantly saying goodbye. Yesterday was a day packed with emotion, excitement, and anticipation of what lies ahead.

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

When I asked one new student how he was feeling about starting at Proctor, he offered a two word reply, “I’m ready.” This response says so much.

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

It speaks to the desire to build new relationships; relationships that will begin on Orientation and grow in dorms, in classes, on teams, and in advisories over the coming years.  

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

It communicates the independence and maturity required to successfully navigate boarding school.

Proctor Academy Wilderness Orientation

Most importantly, it describes the students we seek to attract - young people who are ready to tackle the ‘out of your comfort zone’ challenges we all embrace at Proctor.

We are so fortunate to have a school full of students who eagerly say “I’m ready” when they are presented with new opportunities. We all need to follow their lead and embrace the attitude “I’m ready” as we embark on this new year together!

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