2021 Underclass Awards: Recognizing Excellence

Posted by Scott Allenby


During Monday's assembly we recognized underclass award recipients. While every student deserves considerable recognition for making it through a Covid-19 year, the students recognized today demonstrated consistent excellence in their respective disciplines. Congratulations to the award recipients below. 

Awards 8

Overall Academic and Social Awards

Frederick W. Johnson ‘56 Memorial Award: Katherine Flanagan ‘22 

Harvard Book Prize: River de Vink ‘22 

Mount Holyoke Book Prize: Brynne Makechnie ‘22 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Award: Jacob Alison ‘22 and Cara Jones ‘22

David Fowler Award for Mountain Classroom: Paul Scull ‘22

Awards 1

Humanities Awards

Excellent in English Award | Mason Guerster ‘22

Excellent in English Award | Holden Johnson ‘22

Excellent in English Award | Grace Bean ‘23

Excellent in English Award | Samantha Pehl ‘23

Excellent in English Award | Braeden MacKenzie ‘24

Hollins Prize for Creative Writing | Kelley Smock ‘23 

Connie Appel Award (Electives) | Holden Johnson ‘22

Connie Appel Award (US History) | Phoenix Verite ‘23

Connie Appel Award (World History) | Carly Solomon ‘24

Awards 7

Math and Science Awards

Excellent in Science Award | Stewart Kane ‘22

Excellent in Science Award |Nhu Do ‘23

Excellent in Science Award |Brice Bendixsen ‘24

Luella H. Scales Award for Mathematics | Kalaya Bryant ‘23

Rensselaer Medal | Kai Deyett ‘22 

Awards 6

World Language Awards

Excellent in French Award | Ada Gardner ‘22

Excellence in Mandarin Award | Samantha Pehl ‘23

Excellent in Spanish Award | Katherine Flanagan ‘22

Awards 4

Arts Awards

Music Award for Artistic Achieve in the Study of Music | Jack Parisien ‘23

Music Award for Artistic Progress in the Applied Study of Music Technology | Chris Chol ‘24 

Music Award - Outstanding Instrumental Contribution to Music Ensembles | Kalaya Bryant ‘23 

Music Award - Outstanding Vocal Contribution to Music Ensemble | Mason Guerster ‘22 

Theatre Arts Award - Excellence in Drama Performance | Abba Ramsay ‘22 

Theatre Arts Award - Excellence in Drama (technical) | Acadia Smith ‘23 

Dance Award | Helen Armstrong ‘23 

Ceramics Award | Isabella Eaton ‘22 

Studio Arts Award | Mason Guerster ‘22 

Awards 2

Technology Awards

Robert M. Downey Award | Liam Markoff ‘24 

Technology Award | Andrew Milnes ‘23

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