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Posted by Scott Allenby


Students are entering their second to last week of classes before final exams. The Spring Term may feel like it is flying by, but the work done by each of our students is remarkable. We see glimpses of student work each time one of our off-campus programs posts a blog since all are student written and feature student photography! We do not yet have digital portfolios for each of our students (those are a work in progress), but in this post we highlight student work on-campus.

Proctor Academy student work

In Fiona Mills’ Social Activism course, students have driven their own projects, focusing on areas to which they have connected personally. Abbie ‘15, Haley '16, and Grace '16 organized a fundraiser to support CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) over Spring Family Weekend. During the activity, supporters could throw a paint-filled egg against a canvas. On each egg was written something that individual wanted to get rid of in the world. Their project not only raised significant funds, but more importantly, awareness of CASA and its mission.

Following Earth Day on April 30, students reflected on their learning in AP Environmental Science. Taylor ‘16 shared THIS blog post on the workshops she attended, and Jamie ‘16 shared this reaction to our guest speaker, Tyler Fish. A small group of students also used their video talents to create the following short video of the day’s events!

If you are not on Twitter, or have yet to follow Proctor’s journalism class, they have written some tremendous stories! This one on by Sierra ‘15 on Brenda Godwin is a great read, as is this piece by Abbie ‘15 on the next generation of Proctor kids! You may also want to check out Erin’s '15 articles, Grace’s '16 blog, and as well as Delia's '15, Josh's '15 and Alex's '15.

Proctor Academy student work

In Segovia, students are not only blogging weekly, but this winter Charlotte '15 painted the mural above on one of the classroom walls. A beautiful gift to the program! 

Proctor Academy student work

Anatomy and Physiology students continue their exploration of disease and healthy living. Check out an example of their recent research presentations by Patrick '16 on the immune system and advice for other students here.  

Proctor Academy student work

Needless to say, students have been busy and their work will continue during the coming days as all ninth grade World History students present final projects to the community Thursday and Friday and US History students created games (like this one) to share with the community on Tuesday during lunch. Our seniors on Senior Project are also doing some great work as they reach the mid-point in their projects. Check out their blogs below! 

Read Senior Project Student Blogs HERE! 



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