Academic Lens: National Honor Society Inductions Spring 2020

Posted by Scott Allenby


Each spring, Proctor’s Allan S. Bursaw Chapter of the National Honor Society inducts a group of juniors, joining a cohort of graduating seniors as academic leaders in the community. Selected by a committee of faculty, members of the National Honor Society have demonstrated excellence in the organization’s four pillars of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. 


While we will not have a formal stage across which graduates of the Class of 2020 will walk this spring, the following seniors have been inducted into the National Honor Society and will wear a yellow cord during Proctor’s virtual graduation on May 30: 

  • Anna Davis ‘20
  • Jane Ellis ‘20
  • Chris Golden ‘20
  • Tommy Harrell ‘20
  • Sarah Hearns ‘20
  • Anya Jewell ‘20 
  • Hao (Amy) Zhou ‘20 
  • Zhiyun (Carol) Zhao ‘20 
  • Sammy Chadwick '20


An international student herself, Carol '20 chose to immerse herself in a third language/culture while spending the Winter Term on European Art Classroom alongside seven classmates and the Flemings. 

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of this group is the diversity of their interests and myriad contributions to the Proctor community. Their induction is not just about academic excellence, but about their eagerness to fully immerse themselves in the entirety of the Proctor experience.


Chris '20 not only excelled in the classroom during his four years at Proctor, but also as an elite level skiers, mountain biker, and cyclist.

Each individual student has allowed their identity to broaden as their Proctor experience unfolded by studying on multiple off-campus programs, competing in multiple varsity sports, evolving into an elite skier or mountain biker, playing in the jazz/rock ensemble, playing a lead in drama performances, dancing, developing volunteer service at the local elementary school, all while giving countless tours to prospective families for Proctor’s admissions office. When a school’s strongest academic students embrace all that makes Proctor, Proctor, we know we are fulfilling our mission of graduating diverse learners ready to tackle all the world will throw at them in the future. 


Annie '21 and Tahg '21 starred in this winter's performance of Noises Off

Joining this group of graduating seniors in the Allan S. Bursaw Chapter of the National Honor Society are five juniors (rising seniors) who have demonstrated a commitment to the four pillars of character, scholarship, leadership, and service, while following the example of their Class of 2020 friends by jumping with two feet into their Proctor experience. Congratulations to Toby Wilkinson ‘21, YueLou (Jason) Lui ‘21, Tahg Healey ‘21, and Annie Reynolds ‘21 on their induction into the National Honor Society (we will host a formal induction ceremony for these students, and additional members of the Class of 2021, in the fall)

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