Assembly and the Power of Community

Posted by Scott Allenby


The first year of pandemic life saw us toggle back and forth between in-person and virtual learning. Like so many schools around the world, we quickly realized that while a remote learning experience was still valuable, the intangible ingredient of human connection is the real magic to any learning environment. The same goes for the building of community and our twice a week all-school assembly. 

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When we are able to sit together as an entire school community, we feel the energy that only adolescents can bring to a physical space. The announcements and presentations and birthday shout outs are all important community-building moments, but it is the physical act of moving our bodies, mid-academic day, to the same space that is so critical. If the main objective of assembly is to nurture the relationships that build community, the time leading into assembly is as important as assembly itself. The walk up the hill from Maxwell Savage is not just a great photo opportunity, but a time for us to connect with each in a meaningful way. 

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As we launch into the heart of the Winter Term amidst a spike in COVID-19 cases, our ability to meet as an entire community has once again been compromised. A Webex assembly in our advisory groups scattered around campus is just not the same as gathering together in the Wilkins Meeting House. While our COVID-19 team continues to weigh the benefits to community and potential risks of gathering as a full community, we reflect on some of our favorite assembly moments of the past. So sit back, watch the videos below, laugh, smile, cry, and have faith that we will be back together in assembly soon! 

Matt Nathanson '91 rocks out with our Jazz/Rock Ensemble during our 2017 Holderness Weekend pep rally assembly. 

A little egg roulette between frienemies Josh Norris '92 and Drew Donaldson '92 


Director of Student Wellness Megan Hardie shares her own perspective on the power of the Proctor community. 

Visiting artist Richard Haynes shares a powerful reflection on his own life, his art, and our responsibility to the communities we live in. 

Faculty band Nick's Other Band with a few guest stars circa spring 2017. 

Faculty Lip Sync circa 2014 featuring Alan McIntyre as Olaf among other future superstars. 

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