Class of 2020: Awards and Recognitions

Posted by Scott Allenby


 Each graduating class leaves a distinct impact on our school based on their personality and the collective journey that unfolded during their four years at Proctor. For the Class of 2020, that journey, shaped heavily by a remote Spring Term due to COVID-19, was as unique as any class in the school's 172 year history and culminated in the school's first ever virtual Commencement ceremony. 


Today, we highlight members of the Class of 2020 who earned individual recognitions by faculty and staff, as well as three faculty and staff members recognized for their service. As mentioned earlier in the year, the following members of the Class of 2020 were inducted into the National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society: 

Allan S. Bursaw Chapter of the National Honor Society: 

  • Samantha Chadwick 
  • Anna Davis 
  • Jane Ellis
  • Christopher Golden
  • Tommy Harrell
  • Sarah Hearns
  • Anya Jewell
  • Zhiyun Zhao
  • Hao Zhou

Proctor's Chapter of the National Art Honor Society: 

  • Ingrid Cole-Johnson
  • Campbell Franz
  • Nikki Filias
  • Chloe Makechnie
  • Lilian Vezina

The following awards were presented at Commencement: 

Charles Levy Award (Valedictorian) - Hao Amy Zhou

Charles Levy Award to the Valedictorian


Citizenship Award: 

Presented to the best all-around male and female citizens in the graduating class.


Charles A. Jones Award: 

Presented to the best male and female athlete in the graduating class. 

Allan S. Bursaw Award - Effort and Citizenship - Steve Jensen

Allan S. Bursaw Award for High Effort and Citizenship. 

Carl B Wetherell Award - Anya Jewell

Carl B. Wetherell Award: 

Presented to a student in the graduating class for faithful and willing performance of all extra curricular responsibilities. 

Fred Elroy Emersen 1886 Award - Tristan Auyang

Fred Elroy Emerson 1886 Award:

Presented to the student who, during the junior and senior years, has shown the greatest development in attaining the ideals of Proctor. 

Citizenship Award - Tommy Harrell

Robert J. Livingston Community Service Award: 

Presented to the student who has made outstanding contributions to the community through volunteer service to others 

Lyle H. Farrell Award - Ben Daniels

Lyle H. Farrell Award: 

Presented to the senior who has performed outstanding service to the school and to his/her fellow students. 


Philip H. Savage Award for outstanding leadership qualities. 

Andover Service-1

Andover Service Club Award

Philip H. Savage Award - Vienna Marcus

Alice S. Fowler Award:

Presented to the student in the graduating class who best exemplifies strength of character, personal dedication, and commitment to the Proctor community. 

Renaissance Teacher Award - Doug Houston

Renaissance Teacher Award: 

Established in 2001 by Andy Klein from the class of 1996, the Renaissance Teacher Award was created to recognize a Proctor faculty or staff member who has gone above and beyond to make the experiences of students at Proctor more meaningful through their encouragement and support. Voted on by the graduating class, the recipient should be someone who is a teacher in the broader context -- someone who you feel has helped shape and change your life and the lives of those around you in a positive way. The ideal recipient would be known as the Renaissance Teacher.

Nance Patten Barrett Staff Award - Diane Benson

Nance Barrett Service Award: 

Honors the loyal services of non-faculty staff. This award seeks to achieve two goals: to recognize extra-ordinary service to the Proctor Community by a non-faculty member and to heighten awareness of the dedication, hard work, and loyalty of all its employees which makes possible the smooth operation of this institution.

John OConnor Award for Excellence in Teaching - Dave Fleming

John O'Connor Award for Excellence in Teaching

Alumni two and five years out of Proctor vote for the individual among the current faculty who in their opinion is most deserving of this Excellence in Teaching Award. The quality of a teacher is the key to good education: quality defined by the love of learning, curiosity, self-discipline, intellectual honesty, and most importantly the ability to meaningfully and responsibly connect with other people. 

The following members of the Class of 2020 were also recognized with awards during Friday's Senior Recognition Night: 

Aldo Leopold Environmental Award: Mackenzie Timbrell and Maura Zankel 

Allan S. Bursaw Award (Economics): Christopher Golden 

Award for Excellence in Mandarin: Chloe Makechnie 

Award for Excellence in Science: Hao (Amy) Zhou and Zhiyun Zhao

Award for Excellence in Spanish: Jane Ellis 

Charlie Durrell Green Key Award: Ryan Estella, Sarah Hearns, Stephanie Davis, and TJ Beaver 

Clara May Currier Award for Writing: Lucy Jane McKain

Connie Appel Award for Writing in Social Sciences: Ryan Estella 

Cotton Audio-Visual Award: Maura Zankel 

Dance Award: Ryelle Jenifer 

Doc Howard Sportsmanship Award: Cam Joslin and Sarah Hearns 

John Schoeller Award: Cole Schwabacher 

June and William Noble Award: Tristan Auyang 

Lee Carvalhao Award for Math: Zhiyun Zhao

Performing Arts Award: Tori Braley 

Proctor Academy Athletics Award: Nils Holland and Teagan Reilly 

Renaissance Arts Award: Ingrid Cole-Joslin 

Spencer Wright Team Player Award: Nathan Chickering and Pernilla Shaw 

Stanley V. Wright Award for History: Vienna Marcus 

Varsity Award: Christopher Golden and Vienna Marcus 

Visual/Industrial Arts Award: Kara Baird and Nikki Filias

Weitzman Technology Award: Tristan Auyang

Ceramics Award: Ben Daniels 

Francis Treadway Clayton Award: Michael Sun 

Music Award for Instrumental Contribution to Music Ensembles: Anya Jewell and Steve Jensen 

Music Award for Vocal Contribution to Music Ensembles: Tori Braley 

Music Technology Award: Faolan Twomey

Photography Award: Ngan Nguyen

Studio Arts Award: Campbell Franz

Theater Arts Award (Costuming): Ngan Nguyen 

Theater Arts Award Excellence in Dramatic (Performance): Essence McClain 

Watch Proctor's 2020 Senior Award Night here!


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