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Assembly occurs in the middle of the academic day three days a week. Some are filled with announcements; others are highlighted by student performances or reflective thoughts from faculty. Friday’s assembly had a slightly different tone. 

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Karl Methven's advisory was responsible for dish duty Friday, and Karl simply opened the floor for students to ask questions that they feel need to be answered by the school during assembly. It was refreshing; a reminder as to the power of this community and the mutual respect students and faculty share. We know there will always be cliques in high school, but, as this article suggests, Proctor's social structure lends itself to fewer cliques than most schools. 

Proctor Academy Academics

We encourage you to listen to the assembly HERE. While today's conversation was valuable, it needs to be a launching point for these important questions, not the final destination.

Questions around diversity on campus and the relationship between the education around tough issues like sexual relationships, drugs, and alcohol and the discipline associated with infractions related to those behaviors are really, really important conversations to have as a community. We all know this, but today's forum brought them to the surface. 

Proctor Academy Community

May the open, honest, respectful conversations continue!

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