Ocean Classroom Sets Sail

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After a summer of transitions, Proctor's Ocean Classroom, in partnership with the World Ocean School, set sail for an eight week journey along the eastern seaboard to St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

Along the way the twenty-one Proctor students, three World Ocean School educators and ten professional crew members will navigate and crew the 130 foot schooner, stop at various seaports to engage in community service opportunities, and learn about Maritime Literature, Marine Biology, and Advanced Math Navigation. 

Proctor Ocean Classroom sendoff

Ocean Classroom Sendoff

Monday afternoon, family, advisors, and friends of Proctor's Ocean Classroom program joined together to tour the Roseway and say goodbyes. A term at sea awaits these brave students, and as program director, Dave Pilla, shared with all gathered on board Monday, students will return changed.

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom

Proctor Ocean Classroom sendoff

They will return with a new sense of independence; a confidence and a work ethic that can only be taught at sea. They will experience more beautiful sunrises and sunsets than they could ever have imagined. They will watch dolphins swin alongside the schooner. They will experience poverty first hand during some of the richest experiences of the journey. They will feel alone while standing watch in the middle of the night and yet be living among thirty others in tight quarters. They will be pushed physically, emotionally, and academically, and will learn more about themselves than they thought possible. They will experience transformative education. 

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom Sendoff

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom

Proctor Academy Ocean Classroom sendoff

For more pictures of this year's Ocean Classroom send-off, visit Proctor's Flickr page here

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