Onward and Upward!

Posted by Scott Allenby


As we finish the first week of classes, we pause to appreciate the transitions that have taken place over the past two weeks. New students arrived and immediately took off on a five day hiking trip in the White Mountains. They then returned to campus, were oriented to buildings, classrooms, dorm rooms and have very quickly immersed themselves in ‘student life at Proctor’.

Proctor Academy Advisory

Classes are beginning to take on personalities of their own. Teachers get to know students and students get to know teachers. The process of learning has begun.

Proctor Academy AP Econ

Proctor Academy Advisory 2

On September 16, 2001, just after the events of 9/11, Chuck Will posted this blog, one of his earlier posts, reflecting briefly on the tragic events that happened thirteen years ago today. Much has changed since then; the school had not yet moved into the Wilkins Meeting House, there were no turf fields, no Peabody House, no Sally B Dorm, no Proctor Ski Area upgrades, no iPads, and no new locker rooms adjacent to the hockey rink. More than 1200 students have graduated in those thirteen years. New courses are offered and Proctor continues to evolve. Some faculty have come and gone, while other familiar faces remain.

Proctor Academy classes

For all that has changed since Chuck posted his 9/11 blog, so much is still the same at Proctor. Assembly. Classes. Off-Campus programs. Experiential Learning in classes. Dorm life. Relationships.

Proctor's physical plant and offerings will continue to evolve, but its heart will never change.

Proctor Academy classes

Proctor Academy Arts

Proctor Academy in between classes


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