Proctor Athletics: Winter 2015 Athletic Awards

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Monday evening, teams met one final time for the Winter Athletic season to recognize individual players with end of season awards. Thursday, the community gathered to recognize Marvin Award winners in assembly.

Over the past twelve weeks, all of Proctor’s student-athletes and coaches have dedicated tremendous time and energy to creating valuable shared experiences within each team. While every athlete has improved over the course of the season, team awards recognize those individuals whose outstanding contributions through leadership, sportsmanship, or ability made a significant impact on the team’s success this fall.

Proctor Academy Athletics

Each season, two athletes new to Proctor are recognized for their contributions to Proctor athletics with the presentation of the Marvin Award. This winter's recipients are Amanda Torres (girls' basketball) and Caleb Green '17 (boys' basketball). Their coaches shared the following descriptions of each athlete's impact on their respective teams. 

Proctor Academy Athletics


Amanda is sophomore new to Proctor Academy this year, and has had an immediate and profound impact on the girls’ varsity basketball team. She has come aboard as our starting point guard for a team that is currently 12-5 and poised to potentially make a run at the New England playoffs. Currently, Amanda leads the team in points and steals. Above all of her stats, which are no doubt impressive, Amanda has the intangible that every athlete should strive to have. She has the heart, the desire, and the work ethic that make her an extremely coachable athlete. We have the utmost confidence in the kid; Amanda is an “all day, everyday” athlete!

 Proctor Academy basketball


Leader, ferocious, resilient, cool under pressure, heady, composed, tireless — all are apt descriptions of Caleb Green on the basketball court. 

As a sophomore, he was selected, by his teammates, to serve as the team’s captain.  It is uncommon for a first year player to be chosen.  It is quite rare, indeed, for a first year sophomore to be elected to the position.  Such is the respect and confidence Caleb inspires.

Caleb approaches practices with a sense of purpose.  He approaches games with unrelenting passion.  He is fueled by a fiercely competitive spirit. Of the 21 games we played this season, which equates to 756 minutes, Caleb has played 755 — and competed in every second of each of those minutes.  He has an endless supply of energy. He has an intuitive sense of the game that allows him to remain a step ahead of opponents, both mentally and physically.  A sharp shooter, a pinpoint passer with impressive court vision, an effective communicator directing teammates, and a tenacious defender, Caleb’s contribution to the team’s success on the court is significant. Off the court, whether in the locker room, on the bus en route to games, or at a table in the dining hall, Caleb’s infectious enthusiasm and social acumen are critical to camaraderie amongst teammates.  

Unquestionably committed to basketball, Caleb’s name has consistently appeared on the Head’s List throughout the year — an indication that he successfully balances athletic and academic commitments. He is exemplary in many ways.

Congratulations to all winter athletic award recipients listed below! 

Boys’ Varsity Basketball

Most Outstanding Player – Dominque Kelman-Poto

Coaches’ Award – Julian Roche

Boys’ JV Basketball

Mr. Hustle Award – Kevin Barry

Defensive Player of the Year – Grifin Marshall 

Girls’ Varsity Basketball

Most Improved Player – Fiona Dougan 

Girls’ JV Basketball

Coaches’ Award – Olivia Blodgett & Kelsey Allen

Proctor Academy Athletics

Boys’ Varsity Hockey

Coaches’ Award – Beau Collins

7th Player Award – Connor Fries

Wright Hockey Award – Derek Britner

Boys’ JV Hockey

Leadership Award – Keith Davis

Most Valuable Player – Noah Sweet

Girls’ Varsity Hockey

Leadership Award – Fallon Adair

Team Spirit Award – Haley Parker

Wright Hockey Award – Alexis Fagan

Girls’ JV Hockey

Most Spirited Award – Chloe Methen & Emily Saef

 Proctor Academy Athletics

Nordic Skiing

Most Valuble Skier – Angus Allan, Katie Ball, Lulu Orne

Coaches’ Award –Felipe Migoya

Varsity/JV Alpine Skiing

Coaches’ Award – Ethan Butterworth & Faith Kenyon

Most Valuable Skier – Patrick Gray & Madison Lidbeck

Eastern Skiing

Watson Coaches’ Award – Alex Van Raalte

Proctor Academy Athletics

Ski Jumping

Most Valuable Jumper – Chace Lewis


Most Improved Skier – A.J. Fox

Most Valuable Skier – Garrett Finn

Snowboarding Comp

MVP – David Bamforth


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