Proctor Community: Taking the Time to Say Thank You

Posted by Scott Allenby


 Some of the greatest wisdom around us lies within the young minds of our students. Assembly provides a forum for these voices to peculate into the community, sometimes through random announcements or performances, other times through more formal deliveries we call Pete Talks.


Named for long-time English teacher Peter Southworth, there is no set format for a Pete Talk, nor are there prerequisites aside from a willingness to step in front of the community and share a piece of your Proctor experience. Vienna Marcus ‘20 asked to take the stage during assembly today, sharing a three minute reflection on her summer working on Proctor’s maintenance team. Check out Vienna’s Pete Talk below.


A quick scroll through Proctor’s Instagram account, weekly Parent Page, or blog posts would support a rough estimate that ninety-five percent of our communications efforts showcase the work of our teaching faculty and students. Off-campus programs. Our most experiential of classes in the field. Athletic competitions. Art in action. Weekend activities. Dorm life. And, yes, these are the aspects of a Proctor education our families want to see. But Vienna’s message is so very important for us to hear as a community. Without the daily, year-round work of our Maintenance, Dining Service, Housekeeping, Business Office, and Support Staff, the Proctor experience our students enjoy each day would not exist.


Vienna’s experience this summer working for maintenance afforded her a perspective on community every prep school student should keep in mind as they navigate daily life at their respective schools. Lawns are not magically mowed. Snow doesn't shovel itself off of paths. Dorms do not clean themselves, nor do meals cook themselves. Half of Proctor’s employees do not teach classes, coach, or serve as advisors, but their commitment to, and impact on, Proctor’s students and institutional mission is unparalleled. Every single member of our maintenance team, dining services team, housekeeping team, technology team, business office, development team, and support staff is a talented individual who has decided to share his or her craft with this community.


Current and former faculty and staff at Reunion 2018

We need to make sure we say hello, introduce ourselves if we are new to the community, and say thank you, for without these too-often unsung heroes, our Proctor experience would be very, very different. Thank you, Vienna, for reminding us of this.

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