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Wilderness Orientation and Senior Project bookend the Proctor experience for students. They are incredibly different, but require many of the same traits: a sense of adventure, confidence, passion, and a willingness to disregard comfort zones for the sake of authentic learning. Enjoy this window into Senior Project 2016! 

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Will '16 is spending his Senior Project working on creative writing and reflected in one of his recent blog posts: 

Thursday was my most intensive writing day. I started off the day with a some dry cereal and then heated up some water for oatmeal. This was a great start to a fantastic day. The weather was nice, unlike Wednesday, so I was happy to be able to do most of my writing outside. I sat by the water in my crazy creek and pondered reality.  After further thought, I decided to stick with creative writing for now, because it more fit my skill set, yet I had never really been given the freedom in school to write stories. I wrote an episode of a series I call Greenleaf Manner.  Its about a boy who lives in a mysterious mansion with his parents, and various random interactions send his mind deep into the dreamworld, where he battles various obstacles. I worked my 6 hours on a story that ended up somewhat readable. I plan to take this passage in my journal and type it over the weekend, making changes and adding a lot of detail. I actually also plan to continue this series until I can form some sort of novel, but thats an adventure for another time. This is my last day in the woods so I figured I would make the best of it. After it had gotten dark and my writings were all finished, I invited my friends Riley and Logan up to the campsite to visit, and we had a wonderful time sitting around the fire and eating baked beans. 
Elena '16 and Daisy '16 are spending their three weeks hiking throughout New Hampshire and put together this short video after their first week on the trails! 

Andrew '16 is continuing a project he began in Social Entrepreneurship this fall by further refining his surf board fin manufactoring process. Andrew believes this project will evolve into a real business, and that evolution is the primary goal of his project. Check out how he builds the fins in the images below and read more about his business model here

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Carolyn '16 is studying French cooking for her Senior Project and her daily blog posts include mouth watering images of her creations. Of course, you know what happened the last time one of our students was inspired by her term in France - she started Tarte Cafe and Bakery right here in Andover (read Corinne's story here)! 

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Myles is putting his woodworking skills to the test as he constructs a chicken coup for his family's farm in Rhode Island. Check out the beautiful image of his shaping of rafters below and read about his journey on his blog

Proctor Academy Senior  Project

Taylor '16 continues her work studying the water quality in the Proctor Pond and masterfully articulated her learning through her daily blog posts. They are definitely worth a read! 

Proctor Academy Senior Project

These are just six examples of the outstanding work our seniors are doing during the final three weeks of the year. We encourage you to take time to read through the blog posts of all 67 seniors on Senior Project using the link below! 

Read Senior Project Student Blogs HERE! 


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