Pursuing the Arts: Class of 2019

Posted by Scott Allenby


The Class of 2019 graced us with their artistic talents over the past four years. Every graduating student is required to take three art courses at Proctor, however, many choose to dive far deeper into their artistic pursuits. The graduates below will be studying art in college next year - be sure to keep an eye out for their work in the future! 

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Andrea Chavez '19 - Northeastern University 

Andrea joined the Proctor community as an 11th grader and immediately shared her artistic talents with us through metal engineering, studio art, and architectural design courses before studying abroad on European Art Classroom this past spring. Andrea will minor in art at Northeastern, and is strongly considering studying architecture.  

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Olivia Clark '19 - University of Colorado at Boulder

Olivia's unique artistic style has graced the walls of Slocumb Hall over the past three years as she shared her talents with us. She continued her studio art pursuits on European Art Classroom this past spring, and will study art and design at University of Colorado at Boulder next year. 

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Caitlin Colgin '19 - University of Colorado at Boulder 

During her two years at Proctor, Caitlin further developed her artistic talents in studio art and textile courses as she explored use of spray paint and acrylic to paint a series of women of all ages. She will continue to create art during her gap year before studying art at University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Margaret Fair '19 - Fairleigh Dickinson University 

Few students possess the stage presence, voice, and passion for musical theater that flows from Margaret. During her two years at Proctor, she performed in every theatrical production offered, and worked with Sam Wyckoff '19 to produce their own two person show for their Senior Project. Margaret will continue to study and pursue a career in musical theater at Fairleigh Dickinson University next year. 

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Ivy Lindner '19 - Savannah College of Art and Design 

While Ivy has repeatedly shared her musical talents with us over the past four years, including a beautiful performance at graduation, it is her development as a visual artist that led to her attending Savannah School of Art and Design next year. Her most recent series of bunny rabbits can be see on the third floor of the Farrell Field House, but we encourage you to check out more of her work HERE

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Matilda Peng '19 - Tufts University

Whether it was through creating beautiful art on European Art Classroom or developing stunning photography in Slocumb Hall, Matilda's eye for the remarkable is undeniable. She will continue to share her work with her new community at Tufts University next fall. 

Proctor Academy boarding school arts

Sam Wyckoff '19 - Denison University

Similar to classmate Margaret Fair '19, Sam has spent as many hours in the Norris Family Theater during his two years at Proctor than theater director Jennifer Summers. His comedic timing, voice, and stage presence are matched only by his desire to understand all aspects of theatrical production (he programmed hundreds of lighting cues for this spring's musical). Sam's enthusiasm on stage will undoubtedly inspire his classmates at Dennison University next year where he will study theater. 

Click here to see a gallery of the Arts at Proctor in action! 


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