1848 Giving Challenge: Rallying in Support of Proctor's Mission

Posted by Scott Allenby


Since 1848, Proctor has transformed the lives of generations of young people. Whether it was through an off-campus program like Mountain Classroom, on a playing field, or a casual conversation with a trusted advisor on the way to a meal, the educational experience Proctor offers lasts a lifetime. Today, we embark on the 1848 Giving Challenge: 18 hours and 48 minutes dedicated to supporting a school that has and will continue to transform lives. 

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Proctor Academy relies on the support of generous donors each year in order to offer the breadth of programs that distinguish Proctor as a leader in experiential learning, integrated academic support, and transformative off-campus programs. Underlying each of these programmatic differentiators is a community of faculty and staff dedicated to the individual growth of each of Proctor's 370 students. We believe our educational model is the best there is, but it requires on-going support of generous donors. Today we rally behind our mission and challenge alumni, parents, current students, and employees to show their support for Proctor by participating in the 1848 Giving Challenge. 

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Head of School Brian Thomas shared these words with the community about why support of the Proctor Fund is so critical: 

In assembly, I talked about paying it backwards. I mentioned the picture I found from Proctor's Lower School in the Green Lantern // Proctor's Yearbook from the school year 1931 - 32. Maxwell Savage had just been built; the building was brand-spanking new that school year. As you might remember, it was also towards the beginning of the Great Depression and our school - Proctor Academy - was on the brink of closing at the end of that school year.

So, what happened? A stalwart group of teachers, administrators, parents, and students decided to reinvent themselves to create the modern school that we enjoy today. They looked backwards in time for inspiration to reestablish the school that thrives to this day. In short, they had us in mind, too. Our job is to keep it going and growing.

Imagine paying it backwards in time to those that have meant a great deal to you; any Dunkin' cup of coffee-, Ramen Noodle-, or JJ's Breakfast Sandwich-size gift would go a long way to show how much our community feels about - and are willing to support - ourselves. 

If the group of Proctor students above could tell us what they were thinking, they too would have had someone rooting for them and in their corner - in the same way that all of us do.

Proctor Academy Annual Giving

So jump in with us and support Proctor during the 1848 Giving Challenge by clicking the link below. See which alumni classes (and parent classes!) are in the lead for most gifts given, and help us make a difference in the lives of our students and those students yet to come. 

Click here to take part in the 1848 Giving Challenge!


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