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Posted by Scott Allenby


The Buzz has quickly become our most visited page on our website welcoming over 60,000 visitors during 2015. Here are the top five blog posts based on number of views and engagement from our community. Enjoy this brief glance at 2015 and be sure read more posts on The Buzz!

 Proctor Academy Graduation

#1 - Celebrating the Class of 2015

Senior Dinner and Commencement are always a highlight of the year and the Class of 2015 did not disappoint! If you missed our senior speakers at Commencement, be sure to take a few minutes to read this blog and watch the embedded videos.

Read: Celebrating Class of 2015!


#2 - Giving a Kid a Break: Remembering Shawn Horwitz ‘83

We hate to see tragedy be one of our most read blog posts, but it is the journey of our alums after they graduate from Proctor that illustrates a Proctor education in action. The impact Shawn Horwitz ‘83 had on education in America was remarkable, and he is missed terribly.

Read: Giving a Kid a Break: Remembering Shawn Horwitz '83

Proctor Academy Student Life Sisters Program

#3 - Proctor Sisters Program

This fall, our student life team launched the Proctor Sister’s program and gained attention from local agencies for the effort. The program pairs new female students with returning students as a resource and connection throughout the school year. Learn more about this program and Proctor’s student life initiatives in this blog post! 

Read: The Proctor Sisters Program


#4 - The Mighty Mississippi

Mountain Classroom’s first post of the winter term spread like wildfire with its powerful photographs, inspiring video of paddling the Mississippi, and student reflections from the field. Enjoy this window into Proctor’s longest running off-campus program (41 years strong!).

Read: The Mighty Mississippi and Mountain Classroom

Proctor Academy Arts

#5 - On Being a Proctor Parent: Empowering Independence

This blog post clearly struck a chord with Proctor parents, especially those parents new to the boarding school world. As with so many moments in life, sometimes it takes a leap of faith to watch your child take flight.

Read: On Being a Proctor Parent: Empowering Independence

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