The Last Chapter: Class of 2021 Senior Projects

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Starting with Wilderness Orientation, Proctor students are immersed in a hands-on, experiential learning adventure that includes on-campus courses, off-campus programs, Project Period, and a myriad of skills courses. Students come to understand the value of stepping outside their comfort zones in the pursuit of learning. Senior Project provides a culminating two and a half week immersive learning opportunity for seniors to design their own learning experience centered around their passions or areas of interest.

Class of 2021

While Covid-19 restrictions limited Senior Projects to on-campus experiences, projects come in all forms, ranging from internships to designing a podcast to building trail systems on-campus, producing documentaries, recording an album in the recording studio, or engaging in a writing or artistic pursuit. In order to successfully complete their Senior Projects, students must apply time management, project planning, and self-advocacy skills as they brainstorm, plan, collaborate, network, and implement their proposed projects. 

Class of 2021 1

Today, our seniors launch their Senior Project experience. Be sure to follow along their individual journeys on this blogging site. A culminating showcase of all projects will take place for the entire community on Wednesday, May 26. 

Seniors FH

An added layer of education taking place during this year’s Senior Project is a pilot senior seminar program organized by Senior Project Coordinators Kelly Griffin-Brown and Dan Mori ‘83. The following evening classes for seniors seek to provide important transitional knowledge and experiences to this group of soon-to-be-graduates as they move from high school to adulthood and, for many, life at college. 

  • May 10th | Healthy and unhealthy relationships, bystander responsibilities, and how to be an ally - led by Assistant Head of School Karin Clough
  • May 11th | Wellness and Mindfulness Skills: Transitions, Change, Expectations, Adjustments, Resilience, Stress, Balance and Imbalance led by Wellness Teacher Terry Stoecker 
  • May 12th | Accessing Resources and Writing Support: What to expect in college led by Learning Specialist Lynn Cox and Assistant Librarian and Writing Coach Kristen Nesbitt 
  • May 13th | Money, Fiances, and Individual Fiscal Responsibility led by World Language Department Head Ross Young. 
  • May 14th | Understanding JEDI and LGBTQ+ at the College Level led by JEDI Coordinator Will Wamaru & Multicultural Coordinator and Native American Program Coordinator Lori Patriacca ‘01 and Proctor Alliance mentor Seth Currier ‘96
  • May 17th | Resumes and Social Media led by Sydney (Lake) Grabowski ‘16
  • May 18th | Wellness and Mindfulness Skills: Transitions, Change, Expectations, Adjustments, Resilience,Stress, Balance and Imbalance Part 2 led by Terry Stoecker 
  • May 19th | Consent and Adulthood led by Senior Project Coordinators Kelly Griffin-Brown & Dan Mori ‘83, JD
  • May 20th | Self Defense Skills led by Ross Young
  • May 21st | Sexual health and Empowerment led by Lindsay O’Brien, P’23 
  • May 24th | Leadership Skills led by JEDI Coordinator Will Wamaru

Class of 2021 Orientation

In just over two weeks, we will begin to celebrate the Class of 2021 with Senior Day, Senior Dinner, Senior Recognition Night and Proctor’s 173rd Commencement. Be sure to follow along as our seniors begin this final chapter of their Proctor journey as students. 

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