The Proctor Fund: Every. Gift. Matters.

Posted by Scott Allenby


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Proctor Academy relies on the support of generous donors each year in order to offer the breadth of programs that distinguish Proctor as a leader in experiential learning, integrated academic support, and transformative off-campus programs. Underlying each of these programmatic differentiators is a community of faculty and staff dedicated to the individual growth of each of Proctor's 370 students. We believe our educational model is the best there is, but it requires on-going support of generous donors. 


As any current or past family will acknowledge, the Proctor experience is not cheap. Supporting Proctor's 100 full-time faculty members (3.7 to 1 student to faculty ratio), a physical plant that includes more than 45 buildings (twenty small, family-style dormitories), and the diversity of on- and off-campus programs (academic, arts, athletics, off-campus, Project Period, etc.) requires a budget that exceeds revenue streams (tuition dollars, investments, and facility rentals) by approximately $1,400,000. This gap is bridged by the Proctor Fund, Proctor's annual giving program.

As Proctor's Board of Trustees sets a budget each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), the Proctor Fund goal is ambitiously set in order to afford students, faculty, and staff the optimal resources to maximize the Proctor experience. Today marks the final day in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, and we hope you consider joining the 1,030 alumni, faculty/staff, parents, and parents of alumni who have already supported the Proctor Fund this year. As we continue to move forward with our $30M capital campaign (learn more here), having a broad base of support is critical to our comprehensive fundraising efforts.  If you need more convincing why your gift matters, read on! 

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Empowering Faculty to Build Relationships: 

In many occupations, you receive immediate feedback on the efficacy of your work. A sales person receives positive reinforcement after setting record numbers for the quarter. An architect watches her design become a reality. An entrepreneur sees his product sold in stores for the first time. Mechanisms are built in that provide immediate gratification and inspire future efforts. Teaching, however, is a labor of love that specializes in delayed gratification. Teachers are fueled by the long-term growth in each of their students; a potential not everyone is able to see and is not fully realized in the short-term ‘wins’ of higher test scores. They have this unique patience that understands the seeds of wisdom and guidance they sow in their students today may not blossom for over a decade. Teachers have confidence in the relationships they develop with their students and the lessons in perseverance, critical thinking, and collaboration they teach will serve as cornerstones for future success. The Proctor Fund ensures our students have the best, brightest, and most caring teachers to foster this type of growth. 


Supporting Programs That Change Lives:

The programming that defines Proctor is as unique as any school in the country - Wilderness Orientation, Project Period, Learning Skills, Ocean Classroom, Mountain Classroom, European Art Classroom, engineering, metal sculpture, ceramics, audio recording, athletics, the list could go on and on. These programs not only transform the paths of of our students, they shift perspectives, open doors to new world views, unlock the  understanding of one's own learning style, and serve as a grounding foundation for future learning.  Without the support of the Proctor fund, we would simply not be able to offer the breadth of programming we do at Proctor. 


Creating a Sense of Place: 

 Whether it is through on-campus activities, residential life programs, or the hard work required to upkeep our buildings and grounds, the sense of place created at Proctor lasts a lifetime. Alumni who returned to campus for Reunion 2017 not only enjoyed connecting with each other, but with the community they called home for four years of their lives. The Proctor Fund is critical to supporting the initiatives that intentionally develop this sense of place within each of our students. 

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