Week of Thankfulness Day 6: Parents

Posted by Scott Allenby


Over the past few days, we've highlighted different members of the community who make a quiet, but powerful impact on our day to day lives at Proctor. Today we express our gratitude for the type of parents Proctor attracts: innovative, trusting, adventuresome, outside the box thinkers who wholeheartedly empower their child to suck the marrow out of the Proctor experience.

Parent 2.jpg

Every parent wants the best for his or her children, but it takes a special type of parent to fully entrust a boarding school the way our parents do. Proctor’s educational model requires letting go and trusting the talented, experienced adults in the community to provide direction, guidance, and encouragement. We've written about this before, HERE


This process is not easy. But, each year, we watch as parents let their children explore new passions, study off-campus, and forge a new path while at Proctor. As this process unfolds, student learning explodes; not just in the academic sense, but in the ‘real-world’ sense. Self-confidence soars, self-advocacy becomes second nature, and students learn to have conversations with adults centered on mutual respect, not an imbalanced power-dynamic that is usually present in high school classrooms.


To each of our parents, we offer a sincere thank you. Thank you for empowering your child to be him or herself. Thank you for embracing Proctor’s educational model and for pushing your child to make the absolute most of his or her Proctor experience. You are a huge part of what makes a Proctor education so powerful. Enjoy vacation with your children and thank you for your impact on Proctor! 

Click here to read more about being a Proctor Parent! 


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