Academic Lens: Innovation Night Spring 2016

Posted by Scott Allenby


Members of Proctor’s AP Environmental Science, Engineering, Physics, and Entrepreneurship classes joined together for a celebration of innovation at Proctor Tuesday evening. More than a dozen student groups presented their research, business plans, solar oven constructions, and rocket designs to the community in the Wise Center and English classrooms of Maxwell Savage Hall. The evening’s presentations were a powerful reminder of the quality and depth of the project based learning taking place in Proctor’s classrooms.

Proctor Academy entrepreneurship and innovation

Last fall, members of Proctor’s Social Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Engineering, and Studio Art classes presented their work in a similar fashion. Both events allowed students to showcase their hard work and creativity to a far greater audience than a traditional class assessment would offer. Students get to engage in conversations around the learning that is taking place, and this is a wonderful process for all involved! 

Proctor Academy entrepreneurship and innovation


Moreover, the projects that served as a foundation for the evening were created through a project based learning approach to education that reinforces deep learning for all involved. Students are given an end goal, and take responsibility for designing the path they believe will lead them to a desired outcome. While each course’s end goal is unique, the learning that takes place for each student along the way transcends ‘content’, to what we believe to be far more important 21st century skills. 

Proctor Academy entrepreneurship and innovation

Proctor Academy entrepreneurship and innovation

As students navigate group dynamics, network with alumni and industry experts, implement real deadlines for themselves, resolve internal conflicts, and learn to pivot, they gain ‘ownership’ of their learning. This is a powerful process - one Proctor’s educational model has valued across disciplines, both on-campus and off, for decades.


Thank you to all of the parents, faculty, staff, and students who came out to support Innovation Night!

Check out more photos from Innovation Night! 


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