Afternoon Program Spotlight: Woods Team

Posted by Scott Allenby


Since the 1940s, Proctor students and faculty have spent time together managing Proctor's land. Originally set up as a "Campus Improvement Squad", Proctor's Woods Team has evolved over the years alongside the acreage (now 2,500) the school stewards. Each fall and spring, a hearty group of students join faculty in the maintenance of trails, splitting of fire wood, maple sugaring, and diving into any other task needed at the time. 

Communications Intern Carly Solomon '23 profiled this spring's Woods Team in the video above. Past profiles of the Woods Team and their work are also worth a read - River Turnbull '22 shared a profile and history of the Woods Team at Proctor HERE and Catherine Doheny '17 shared a beautiful reflection on the Sounds of Spring HERE. Both are worth a read after watching Carly's video above. 

Woods Team Pic

Spring 2022 Woods Team under the leadership of Laura Ostrowsky, Matt MacKenzie, Brooks Bicknell '77, and Greg Allen. 

An excerpt from Catherine's piece transports us into the woodlands for just a moment, "I like to remember, when the mechanical whirring gets loud and the mosquitoes begin their feasting, that this allows me to be more connected. I feel it in my lungs when the fresh air rejuvenates them and in my legs as they get stronger, that the work that comes with springtime is natural and necessary. The hope that comes with spring is even more enhanced when you get an up close and personal job that allows to have a hand in making springtime even more magical."


Lilah Hilliard '17, Eliza Orne '17, and Catherine Doheny '17 during Woods Team 2017

Now, stop reading this and get outside and connect with the beautiful world in which we live. 

Click here to see environmental stewardship in action! 


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