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Over the past three weeks, more than seventy members of the Class of 2015 took part in Proctor’s Senior Project program. Begun over 25 years ago, this program affords graduating seniors the opportunity to explore an area of passion, vocation, or expertise. Students work very closely with both an on-campus sponsor (usually a faculty/staff member) as well as an off-campus mentor who has significant experience in the chosen field of study.

Proctor Academy Senior Project

The focus on the experiential component of Senior Project encourages students to end their Proctor career in just the same way they began on Orientation: by stepping out of their comfort zone and pushing intellectual and physical boundaries, while perhaps unearthing new avocations. The transition out of classes into hands-on work offers students an opportunity to gain perspective and insights into their plans for the future, while exploring an area of passion. This year’s project were showcased in Wednesday’s Senior Project Exhibit in the Wise Center. The scope of projects was impressive. While we cannot highlight every project, here are a few easily shown in this online environment!

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Abbie wrote her first book, A Young Mind: Welcome to My World, and has published it on Amazon. As she shared it with the community she wrote, “Over the past couple of weeks, I have been enjoying the process of writing my first book. This book truly contains my heart. I have decided to donate all of the proceeds to an organization called WomenAid of Greater Portsmouth which is an organization that helps women in financially unstable situations get back on their feet. I chose this because I was raised by a single mother that has struggled to raise my sister and me. My mom is a superhero and I want to be able to help other women like her.” You can check out Abbie’s book here.

Frances completed the above art installation in Slocumb Hall as part of her Senior Project and capstone project for the Environmental Studies Concentration. Words do not do the project justice as it is simply amazing. Watch her explanation of the installation in the video above and be 'wowed' just as we were! 

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Mekhi Wright-Hopkins and Jack McMahon got inbound marketing certified through courses at HubSpot, a company we know well! Oliver (above) used Proctor’s 3D Printers to design an interactive DNA molecule that can be disassembled and reassembled by classes. In fact, Oliver used his project as an opportunity to donate a 3D printer on behalf of Proctor to the Andover Elementary and Middle School. He then helped set up the printer at AEMS and walked Mr. Murphy’s middle school science class through a printing activity. Needless to say Mr. Murphy’s class was pretty excited!

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Fallon, Beau, and Hazel interned in Proctor’s athletic training room and helped organize last weekend’s successful 3rd Annual On Your Mark 5K event. Check out pictures from that event HERE!

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Kelsie also spent time interning in the health services as she shadowed a heart surgeon for three weeks. Check out her blog here! Amy worked at an animal rescue shelter, Stefanie recorded a demo, Rocky produced a movie, and Preston completed ROTC training, while Thaddeus, Miles, and Cooper earned their Wilderness First Responder certificate.

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Other projects focused on giving back to the local community. Ryan, Jimmy, and Josh built a pretty awesome halfpipe for the Andover skate park and organized a skate jam for the town last weekend. Not only was their craftsmanship building the elements outstanding, but their ability to break outside of the Proctor bubble was impressive. Check out this video they edited of their skate jam!

In the Communications Office, we were fortunate to have Calvin intern with us over the three weeks. Not only did Calvin gain an appreciation for Proctor’s financial model (see this blog link), but also did some really valuable work developing a young-alumni communications plan we will implement this summer!

Proctor Academy Senior Project

Michael and Andrew were inspired by their time in Segovia, Spain as part of Proctor’s off-campus program to hike the Camino de Santiago. For their project they organized their trip, developed a budget, and hiked 300 km of the Camino. They shot and edited this amazing documentary of their journey. It’s nearly forty minutes, but well worth taking a look!

Proctor Academy Senior Project

This is just a smattering of projects offered. If you have not taken the time to read through all of the student blogs from Senior Project, you should. They are powerful testaments to experiential learning in action!

Read Senior Project Student Blogs HERE! 


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