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Ocean Classroom: Through the Big Apple, and South

Oct 25, 2021 11:53:05 AM

A prolonged stay in Mystic, Connecticut to wait out unfavorable weather patterns was made up for by a majestic trip down the East River through Manhattan. Check out updates from the past two weeks aboard schooner Harvey Gamage in this update from Ocean Classroom Fall ‘21! 

Ocean Classroom: Now THIS is Sailing

Oct 14, 2021 11:07:56 AM

After a week of unexpected obstacles and quick pivots, Proctor Academy's Ocean Classroom program began their journey south with a high winds passage through the Cape Cod Canal as they sailed toward New Bedford, MA. Morale is high on board Harvey Gamage as students begin to fully appreciate and understand what it means to live and learn at sea. Read more from the past week on Ocean Classroom below.  

Ocean Classroom: Heading South

Oct 6, 2021 10:48:29 PM

Proctor Academy's Ocean Classroom program enters their fourth week at sea aboard the schooner Harvey Gamage. As students engage in classes, begin to get headrig clearance, and learn the ins and outs of life at sea, the crew prepares to head out of the waters of coastal Maine and begin their journey south where warmer weather and new adventures await! Read more from the past week aboard Harvey Gamage below! 

Ocean Classroom: Exploring Maine

Sep 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Proctor Academy’s Ocean Classroom voyage continues their exploration of the waters off the coast of Maine as students familiarize themselves with the tasks required of operating the Harvey Gamage. Students share daily voyage log reflections from the past week at sea. Read more below. A huge shout out to Gunnar '22 and Holly for their amazing photography and for helping to document OC '21. 

Ocean Classroom: Anchors Away to the Gulf of Maine

Sep 22, 2021 11:15:21 AM

Each week, or as often as we are able, we will share a Ship’s Log from Harvey Gamage capturing the essence of Proctor’s Ocean Classroom program. Each student will take a day to share a brief journal entry highlighting the excitement of living and learning at sea. Check out the first week of journal entries below as Ocean Classroom 2021 begins their voyage. 

Ocean Classroom: Final Days in St. Croix

Mar 7, 2021 12:22:00 PM

For the first time ever, Proctor Academy offered a winter Ocean Classroom program. Based in St. Croix, the program partnered with the World Ocean School to offer eight students the opportunity to study, explore, and serve others within the St. Croix and surrounding island communities. Read student journal entries from the past two weeks below. A huge thank you to the World Ocean School, Holly, Ocean Classroom director Brooks Bicknell '77, and the crew of Roseway for making this adventure happen! 

Ocean Classroom: Winter in St. Croix

Feb 24, 2021 7:12:09 AM

Proctor Academy's winter Ocean Classroom program continued its term abroad sailing the World Ocean School's 135 foot historic schooner Roseway out of a home base in St. Croix. Read student entries from the past two weeks at sea below!

Ocean Classroom: Diving, Sailing, and Studying

Feb 18, 2021 9:08:09 AM

Proctor's Ocean Classroom winter program continues their eight-week exploration of the Caribbean. Check out the past week's Ship's Logs to see what this crew of eight students has been up to!

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